With Syria On Fire, Third-World Migrant Caravan Edges Ever Closer To U.S. Border

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While alleged Syrian chemical attacks have dominated the news cycle this week with President Donald Trump expected to make a retaliatory move any minute now, other pressing issues have hit the back-burner.

One of those stories is the caravan of third-world migrants that is making its way up to the border. It was widely reported that the caravan was stopped, but that is being disputed by caravan organizers who claim that hundreds of migrants are still willing to come across the U.S. border.

President Trump proclaimed that he would be putting troops on the border in order to stop this caravan and other breaches of U.S. national security until the wall is fully built, but that isn’t stopping certain third-world migrants in the caravan. Many are still boasting that they will be crossing the border regardless of anything Trump does.

Rodrigo Abeja of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a globalist organization that organizes this annual caravan of migrants to push the cause of open borders, boasted that there was double the amount of so-called refugees that they initially estimated would cross the U.S. border to Reuters. He expects 200 people in total to seek asylum in the United States.

Reuters did note that many refugees are alarmed by President Trump’s declaration of troops at the border and some of them would stay in Mexico as a result. Others are undaunted and maintain they will cross the U.S. border no matter what.

“To Mexico and the United States, we demand that you respect our rights as refugees and our right to dignified work to be able to support our families,” a spokesman said in a video released on behalf of the caravan.

Mexico has allegedly started the process of deporting members of the caravan back to their home countries. With the migrants unwilling to back down, it remains to be seen if Trump will be able to properly focus on remedying this situation with the ongoing mess in Syria and FBI investigators hounding him endlessly.

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