WikiLeaks Pounds The Democratic Party Elite Following Russian Collusion Lawsuit

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With FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of collusion between Trump and Russia yielding nothing interesting or conclusive, the Democratic Party is taking matters into their own hands. The Democratic National Committee is suing President Trump, the country of Russia and WikiLeaks for alleged collusion that supposedly affected the result of the 2016 presidential election.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks are firing back at what they believe is a frivolous lawsuit, posting a series of tweets brutalizing the Democrats for their attempt to keep the Russia hysteria going. They are even launching a counter lawsuit against the Democrats.

Wikileaks also posted several tweets lampooning the Democrats for their desperate attempt to stifle public knowledge of their own incompetence:

And posted about the fact that the DNC refuses to state whether this lawsuit was Hillary Clinton’s idea.

Assange is banned from the internet and facing increasing measures of isolation while holed up in London at the Ecuadorian embassy, but Wikileaks is as relevant as ever despite the building push-back. Coinbase recently stopped processing Bitcoin payments for the Wikileaks Store, which was operating out of Canada, in an attempt to choke off the organization’s funds.

Wikileaks is undaunted in the face of this repression and continues to push for government and corporate transparency throughout the world. They are even exposing a scandal regarding how Twitter was gamed by the Spanish government to stifle Catalan independence right now.

No matter how hard the corrupt government and media actors try to stop him, the information revolution launched by Julian Assange shows no signs of slowing down.

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