Vice Mayor Calls To Criminalize Free Speech After The Alt-Right Returns To Charlottesville

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After a rally in Charlottesville hosted by alt-right leaders turned deadly in August, few were expecting them to show back up but that is exactly what they did this weekend. Led by Richard Spencer of, approximately 50 people marched through Emancipation Park on Saturday night with tiki torches in hand. Despite no violence or complications, city officials are still fighting mad over the demonstration.

Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, an ANTIFA sympathizer known for regularly publishing anti-white hate posts on his social media accounts, is calling on the state of Virginia to charge the individuals who showed up into town and demonstrated. Because of a statute criminalizing the burning of an “object on a highway or other public place in a manner having a direct tendency to place another person in reasonable fear or apprehension of death or bodily injury,” Bellamy wants the peaceful protesters to be charged with felonies.

“When white supremacists make odes to white power, and clearly use torches to send a message to our community that they are the superior race while trying to strike fear and intimidate others, they are breaking the law,” Bellamy proclaimed in a social media post.

“I’m calling on our Commonwealth Attorney, Dave Chapman, to enforce this state code, and prosecute the individuals who participated in the torch burning tonight.”

The second Charlottesville protest, happening on Saturday night unannounced to the public, saw absolutely no violence. Without the communists there stirring up trouble, no problems occurred. Bellamy, in his haste, will open the door for protest organizations like Black Lives Matter, which are regularly violent and unruly, to be criminalized as well. The Charlottesville city council apparently stands by Bellamy, and is taking a similar stance against the free speech of these protesters. They are forming a task force to squelch any future alt-right rallies in their city.

“The only way to counter the irrational and despicable motives and methods of a Richard Spencer and his alt-right confederation is with a comprehensive, rational course of action that thwarts every white supremacist incursion, at every turn, and from every angle,” City Counselor Kathy Gelvin said in a press release, making clear the town’s staunch opposition to the Constitutional rights of white individuals.

With the complete and utter contempt that the Charlottesville mayor and city council have for the basic freedoms of white people, it is no surprise that the ‘Unite the Right’ event in August turned into a grim hellscape. The city shirked its lawful responsibilities, and the blood remains on the hands of the communist city council and gutless law enforcement who stood down and refused to protect the people.

  • Does that mean the law will also apply to the Vice-Mayor?

  • Free Speech only for the Left?

  • You have to look at who is digging them up and getting them out. The fact is that racists have no support and will not persuade anyone. The left needs these tiny number of people to exist so they can say this is anyone who opposes them.

  • If these people are doing it on their own accord they are doing it to be offensive and provoke like much of the left seek to anger and offend people they hate as well/

  • He looks like an ape, and talks like one too.

  • @lesstaxingcpa The Alt-Left’s response to everything is ban it.

  • is vice mayor an elected office? i don’t think my city has one.

  • Another example of one completely ignorant of American History (beyond MLK), the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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