University Of Florida Turned Into Terrifying Police State For Richard Spencer’s Speech

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The sanctimonious liberals at Florida University are crying up a storm because of Richard Spencer’s planned speech today. After trying to initially deny the man the free speech rights provided to him under the Constitution, University officials have turned their campus into a police state instead.

“Now, for the first time in the history of our nation, very different racist groups are coming together under one person who speaks their language and their words and speaks their views on racism and white supremacy,” President Kent Fuchs said. “They’re coming to campus with the intentions of confrontation and with the intention of having all of us repeat their view on the world.”

Fuchs, without evidence, claims that the alt-right wants to provoke terrorism and violence on campus. His frenzied paranoia mixed with deceptive, baseless rhetoric has caused clueless parents to mount a campaign of ignorance against Spencer as well.

“This crazy guy is going to attract the type of people who come not to attend a free speech rally, but to act out violence,” said Tampa attorney Carter McCain, who has two children attending the University. McCain is one of many parents urging their kids to stay far away from Spencer during today’s event. “It’s a pep rally for violence.”

Right now, Fuchs’ campus looks like something out of Soviet Russia. He has turned his University into a police state to satisfy his irrational fears. Snipers are already being mounted at the top of buildings, as Fuchs and the University administrators betray every aspect of the civil society they claim to be protecting.

A media frenzy has already begun, many hours before the event is scheduled to commence. Barracades are being put into place to separate protesters from attendees of the event, and law enforcement claims that they are dedicated to keeping the peace.

“We are hoping this is a nonevent,” Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell said. “We are hoping this will go very smoothly and peacefully. But in the reality of this world, we have to be well-prepared.”

However, this is what law enforcement said before Charlottesville as well. Virginia Gov. Terry McAullife enacted a state of emergency before Charlottesville as Rick Scott has done in lieu of Spencer’s appearance in Gainesville today. What happened next was police standing down in the streets to allow leftist agitators to inflict terrorism on the lawfully-permitted alt-right demonstrators, turning what would have been a peaceful rally in Charlottesville into a gruesome riot. Spencer is worried that the same set-up may be in order for today’s event.

“I am a little worried by it,” Spencer said, referring to Scott’s state of emergency.

If any violence is committed during today’s event, the blood will be on the hands of Fuchs and the gutless leftist cowards of University of Florida who are at war with the values that once made America great. His speech will be taking place today from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

  • Yet without antifa, 50 people would have showed up for the speech….. now millions will here it… good job!

  • Well if they would act civilized….

  • Another feather in cap for the left.

  • Went a UF Gator game last year and was stunned by the police force including heavily armed SWAT teams and armored vehicles.

  • These are the ones who point their finger at far less Constitutional violations.

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