University Gives Taxpayer Cash To Students Promoting Feminism And Abortion

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While the public university system has long been a bastion for leftist thought, any semblance of objectivity is now being jettisoned. This has been shown clearly at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, which is now giving paychecks to students who explicitly promote abortion and other liberal causes.

According to Campus Reform, the school’s women’s center is promising at least $9.25 an hour to write blogs, urge students on campus to get abortions, and generally promote the LGBT agenda. Applicants are expected to possess a “proficiency” on “social justice issues” in order to qualify for the position.

One of the blogs that was written as a result of this program was “Makeup Microaggressions: Let Me Wear My Full-Face Makeup in Peace” by foreign student Samiksha Manjani. It reads as follows:

To be clear, I’m perfectly happy with the way I look when I wear makeup and when I don’t. I don’t think my value is somehow better or worse depending on whether I wear makeup. Likewise, I don’t think I’m suddenly better than other girls because of my decision to wear or not to wear makeup. Some days I just want to sparkle (literally)!

After having the same exact encounter time after time, and being inadvertently shamed for knowing how to do my makeup… I stopped going to get ready at my girlfriends. I stopped feeling comfortable in what was supposed to be an empowering environment.

Why couldn’t I enjoy putting on a full face some days and having a fresh face on others?

Pro-life conservatives on campus are outraged because of the institutional advocacy of what they feel is a harmful agenda.

“The sad thing about this kind of program is that women will not be told about the dangerous nature of abortion, the predatory practices of greedy abortion mega providers, and the fact that many people — including fellow students such as in Students for Life — are standing by to help women make a choice for life,” Students for Life of America spokeswoman Kristi Hamrick said to The Daily Caller. “No one should feel that they must choose between their child and their education.”

Originally Published at Populist Brief.

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