“Unite The Right” Protest Broken Up And Moved Due To ANTIFA Terror, Police Stand Down

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Leftist terror has forced today’s “Unite the Right” rally to be moved from Emancipation Park after right-wing protesters were frequently assaulted. Law enforcement stood down and refused to protect protesters, causing a state of emergency, which caused the rally to be moved far away from the Robert E. Lee statue that was the focal point of the protest.

Twitter is ablaze with images and video of melees occurring between far-left and far-right protesters. ANTIFA and their sympathizers, desperate to deny a “platform” for their opponents to speak freely, terrorized the protesters with mace, urine and feces as police stood down and refused to do their jobs.

“Looks like police have successfully shut down the [Unite the Right] Rally. They had a federal permit. Lots of talk of suing,” blogger Brittany Pettibone‏, a frequent speaker at alt-right and alt-lite rallies, wrote in a Tweet.

Richard Spencer, the oft-punched identitarian rabble-rouser, had an even worse recollection of today’s events. Spencer claimed that militarized police worked with ANTIFA, similar to what happened in Berkeley during those riots earlier in the year, to punish the peaceful protesters and shut them down in a clear violation of federal law.

“The police who came out in full riot gear, they had padding, they had shields,” Spencer said on a Periscope livestream after getting maced. “They were pushing us and then kicking us in the shins underneath the shields… I am fine, but I have to be honest, I am absolutely outraged at the conduct of the city of Charlottesville and the police. I mean, we had a permit, we had a federal injunction, and it’s almost as if they planned this out.”

Other prominent alt-right personalities were assaulted in Emancipation Park as well. Baked Alaska was severely maced, and Nathan Damigo of Identity Evropa reported being arrested but released shortly afterward. Additionally, journalist Ford Fischer of News2Share reported being pepper sprayed while attempting to cover the contentious brouhaha.

Mike Enoch of TheRightStuff.biz has threatened civil rights lawsuits against Airbnb and Uber for denying “Unite the Right” protesters service based upon their skin color. With the police cowardly refusing to defend their oath and aiding and abetting ANTIFA thugs, the alt-right may have some iconic and historical court victories coming their way in the near future.

The event is still taking place, as protesters now trek from Emancipation Park over to McIntire Park. It is rumored that the National Guard may be deployed if hostilities continue at this new venue. A livestream of the event can be watched here:

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