Trump: Rand Paul Is “A Good Guy And He Wants What’s Good For The Party”

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President Donald Trump heaped praise on Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Wednesday evening, reiterating his belief that the Kentucky Senator will ultimately support Republican health care reform initiatives.

“I think Rand Paul will be there for us. He was there for me two times before,” presumably referring to Paul’s votes in favor of the ‘skinny repeal’ and ‘partial repeal’ amendments during the previous Obamacare repeal effort in July.

“I like Rand Paul a lot and I think he’ll be there for me,” Trump continued. “He’s a good guy and he wants what’s good also for the party. I think Rand will be there.”

Trump’s remarks were made in response to reporters immediately after his return from Indianapolis, where he had delivered a speech outlining his administration’s proposals on tax reform.

Earlier that day, Trump had announced his intention to sign Paul’s “Associated Health Plans” proposal, which would be carried out via executive action.

Sen. Paul has emerged as a close confidant of the President in recent months, with Trump and Paul frequently publicly praising one another. In particular, Paul has strongly defended the President against false allegations of collusion with Russia. In turn, Paul has subsequently sought to use their rapport to advance his libertarian foreign policy views, appealing to the ‘America First’ sentiments that embodied Trump’s campaign in order to block the appointment of neoconservatives such as Elliott Abrams to positions within the administration.

However, Paul has been critical of various administration-backed Obamacare repeal proposals, such as the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and the Graham-Cassidy reform, both of which he has stated he could not support without significant legislative concessions. This has brought him into conflict with the President, who is determined to pass a bill in order to deliver on his campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. However, it appears that these disagreements have not led to any substantive personal dispute between the two men, with Trump personally leading efforts to win Paul over.

  • He wants what is good for the people Fuck the party!!

  • Trump can do two things end the exemption for congress and second, end the extra legal expansion to impose on the states that opted out.

    • Congress has no exemption. In 2015 the new Republican majority took it away. Most members are on Obamacare. Some use the VA or healthcare benifits they earned before they were in Congress.

    • interesting news. Thanks the second point is still there.

  • “Good for the party” I want what is good for the American people!! It’s this type of rhetoric that has us so divided. Stop with the party politics and concentrate on what’s good for the people, not the party.

    • What is good for the Republican party is good for the American people. Democrats are Socalists.

    • Would that it were that simple. The problem is that nobody agrees on what is “good for the people.” That’s where the disagreement lies.

      Some of us even believe there is no single thing that is “good for the people,” but rather that it depends on the unique circumstances of each individual and that no one-size-fits-all top-down solution can possibly be best for everyone.

    • Government is one size fits all. We cant have 330,000 laws for 330, 000 people.

  • So y’all are pro-Paul now that his share of your article got so many re-shares? All y’all normally do is bash him and Amash and any other libertarian.

    • That is completely false. We’ve published literally over a hundred pro-Paul articles, and maybe about 5 articles that are critical of Paul. But sure, discount whatever doesn’t fit your narrative.

    • Rand seems to like our coverage of him, so why you are bitching?

  • I don’t give a damn about this party.
    I want what’s best for our country.

  • Rand Care. Love it.

  • Not me Aaron, I will ALWAYS stand with Rand…ps..Rand Paul is good for the party because Rand Paul is good for the American people…

  • Rand wants what is best for the American people, not just the Republican Party. Also, Trump’s campaign promise was to repeal Obamacare, not repeal and replace.

  • He wants what’s best for liberty.

  • If your going to have a Heath Care then do it right without any later changes . The democrats past a bad program thinking they could change it later. We must do better ! Or not do it at all and repeal.

    • The democrats NEVER had a plan to “change it later”. If any of them actually said that they were lying.

  • he wants what is good for the country

  • which is the federal government out of healthcare

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