The Liberty Conservative Endorses Raul Labrador For Governor And Russ Fulcher For U.S. House In Idaho Primaries

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The Liberty Conservative has endorsed U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador for Governor of Idaho, and Russ Fulcher to succeed him in Idaho’s 1st congressional district in tomorrow’s Republican primaries.

During his tenure in Congress, Labrador, a leading figure within the Freedom Caucus, accrued a consistently conservative voting record, with a notably libertarian streak. If he is elected Governor, the people of Idaho should expect fiscal prudence and good governance. His candidacy has been previously endorsed by Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Ted Cruz, David Bossie and other prominent conservative figures. In this primary, he faces the choice of the state’s political establishment, Brad Little, as well as Mitt Romney ally Tommy Ahlquist, neither of whom share Labrador’s proven commitment to fiscal responsibility.

Although Sen. Paul has endorsed libertarian blogger Michael Snyder for the seat, The Liberty Conservative believes Fulcher, who boasts the backing of Bossie, Sen. Cruz and Rep. Labrador himself, has a more realistic chance of winning and denying the establishment’s favored candidate, David Leroy, the chance to take this seat.

Fulcher shares Labrador’s passion for limited government, and also has an impressive voting record – this time in the Idaho State Senate. He previously took a bold stand against the establishment  when he launched a 2014 primary challenge against incumbent Governor Butch Otter, who had strayed from the conservative platform he was elected on. If elected, Fulcher will work closely with the Freedom Caucus to help push a conservative agenda through Congress.

To find out more about Labrador and Fulcher, visit their respective websites here and here.

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