The IMF Urges a Reverse Of Brexit, Warns Italy To Stay In European Union

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is growing very scared at the revolt against globalism that is sweeping throughout Europe. The globalist body is attempting to undermine the Brexit, despite the fact that it was approved by a majority of British voters, and trying to warn Italy to stay in the European Union (EU) to prop up the status quo.

“A large and complex financial system exposes the United Kingdom and the global economy to risks associated with the transition to a new state of play. There are also policy uncertainties related to newly elected governments in major European countries,” the IMF said.

In Italy, the Five Star Movement and the League are finalizing plans for a coalition government that stands to be the most anti-globalist and most Euroskeptic ruling bloc that has gained power in recent history.

“Leaving the Euro means less troika, less taxes, more investments and more energy. We want a triumphing democracy,” Five Star political leader Luigi Di Maio said earlier this year.

An individual like Di Maio becoming the new Prime Minister of Italy would be a worst case scenario for the IMF and other institutions concerned with promoting globalism.

“Support for globalisation has weakened in the US and parts of Europe,” the IMF said.

The IMF is imploring all of the European countries to stay in the EU and continue the status quo that is funneling third-world migrants into Europe, damaging the sovereignty of independent nations, and creating a massive and growing world bureaucracy.

“With economic prospects continuing to improve in the short-term but medium-term prospects less bright, policymakers should seize the moment to rebuild room for fiscal manoeuvre and push forward with reforms to boost growth potential,” the IMF said.

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