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Son Of Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Makes Terror Threats To Liberty Conservative Reporter

A reporter with The Liberty Conservative online magazine received terror threats earlier today from the son of a prominent Libertarian Party member and gubernatorial candidate in the state of Michigan. Senior editor Shane Trejo was barraged with a stream of bizarre and unhinged messages from libertarian activist William Gelineau Jr. His father is currently running for the Libertarian Party nomination for governor in the state of Michigan. William Gelineau Sr. pledges to restore civility in politics, but apparently failed to instill those same values in his namesake. “You would be crushed if I ever meet you,” Gelineau Jr. said before… Keep Reading


Kid Rock’s Senate Competition Is The Infamous Libertarian Convention Streaker

Observers who thought that Michigan politics could not get any more ridiculous and entertaining after Donald Trump carried the state unexpectedly last year were not anticipating the spectacle that the 2018 U.S. Senate race is shaping up to be. Career politician Debbie Stabenow is facing a possible Senate challenge from Kid Rock, who has given overtures that he will mount a Trump-style scorched Earth campaign as a Republican, but a new unexpected face has entered the mix: James Weeks II, better known as the man who bared all during the Libertarian National Convention last year. A native son of Michigan,… Keep Reading


An Orwellian Nightmare: Patriotic Veteran’s Constitutional Rights Revoked After Criticizing Liberal Rag

The Orwellian nightmare is unfolding all throughout the United States, but the state of Michigan just might be leading the pack. After a former Christian pastor was sentenced to prison time for distributing jury nullification pamphlets in June, a patriotic military veteran now faces a day in court for merely having the gall to criticize his local paper. Jim Chiodo of the West Michigan Republicans has been a long-time tea party leader in the state of Michigan. He is especially concerned with media bias, and has been working diligently to expose his local newspaper. For doing so, a reporter levied… Keep Reading

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