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Gavin McInnes: Virtue-Signaling Cuck Extraordinare

Anyone familiar with former television personality Gavin McInnes has noticed a strange metamorphosis in recent months. After he was profiled by the Anti-Defamation League as a potential racist for founding the Proud Boys, McInnes has cucked himself at every opportunity and become an embarrassing example of how NOT to act when the liberal media comes after you. McInnes, who boasted local autonomy for his Proud Boys organization, first issued an edict proclaiming that anyone who is alt-right is effectively banned from the group. Later, he changed the focus of the group from the noble cause of defending western civilization to… Keep Reading


“Proud Boys” Abandon Western Culture To Promote Alcoholism And Degeneracy

Canadian Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes has become a case study in what not to do when attacked by the totalitarian left. After being profiled by the Anti-Defamation League as an extremist and racist, McInnes has bent over backwards at every turn to prove his anti-racism to the liberal media to no avail. In a particularly embarrassing display of cucked servitude, McInnes had the nerve to impose PC orthodoxy on his Proud Boys yesterday. “We used to say it was all right to check out various events as long as you weren’t there as a Proud Boy,” McInnes said in… Keep Reading


ANTIFA And The Oath Keepers: Cowardly Allies In The War Against Free Speech

Near the beginning of the Ron Paul revolution, few activist organizations seemed as promising as the Oath Keepers. Founded by former Ron Paul staffer Stewart Rhodes, this organization aimed to wake up military and law enforcement to the Paulian message of peace, prosperity and liberty. The group’s work would theoretically increase the odds that the police and military would be on the side of We the People in the unfortunate case of civil unrest. The organization got off on the right foot, but eventually went off the rails. A startling recent example of the Oath Keepers losing focus of their… Keep Reading

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