Steve Bannon Plots Revolution Against GOP Establishment, Targets Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch For Removal

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Steve Bannon continues his ruthless pursuit against his enemies in the GOP establishment. As Executive Director of Breitbart News, he has hammered enemies of President Donald Trump’s populist ‘America First’ agenda relentlessly. He is recruiting primary challengers for next year’s mid-term elections, and recently attempted to convince an anti-establishment hopeful to take out Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT).

Bannon met with Boyd Matheson while the two men were both in Washington D.C. last week. According to a Deseret News report, Bannon tried to convince Matheson to run against Hatch, a long-time establishment favorite, in a primary election next year as apart of the media mogul’s master plan to challenge all Republican incumbent legislators up for re-election in 2018, with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) being the only exception.

Matheson denied that he is already planning a run, saying that there is “no exploratory committee, nothing to announce, nothing to see there.” However, he did admit that he talked about the prospects of challenging Hatch with Bannon during their meeting. Matheson said that “the race absolutely did come up. And he was encouraging that I should take a look at it.”

Matheson serves as President of the Sutherland Institute, a thinktank that promotes free market public policy solutions in the state of Utah. He also served as chief of staff for tea party favorite, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), who has one of the most conservative voting records in the legislature. Bannon hopes that Matheson can be an integral part of his scheme to remake Congress to put more legislators into office that are amenable to Trump’s independent, pro-American agenda.

“We’re spending a ton of time with the grassroots organizations to make sure that these candidates are fully vetted,” Bannon told Sean Hannity on his FOX News program Monday. “You’re going to see people announced this week, they are going to have experience in government. You’re going to see some outsiders, they’re authentic. And these people are real.”

  • Someone sure needs to

  • 30 years ago I liked Orin Hatch. Since then he has become Major Establishment!!

  • Good

  • Drain the neo-con swamp!

    • what? and leave the rest as it is? get real.

    • Greg Price. No. Drain the Dems too, of course.

  • They already drained the swamp into the white house.. this is just folks that won’t kiss trumps orange haired ass…

    • the swamp is drained? fully, 100%? unbelievable!

    • Nope.. they just loaded the swamp into the white house..

    • Did you think they were going to get rid of the swamp?

    • Yeah, it’s damp in the white house but it’s sopping wet and reeds everywhere in the swampy senate. Keep draining, Bannon! It’s quite fine that our legislators don’t kiss the presient’s harry anything; so long as they keep the promises that they made to the voters. And the GOP senate refuse to keep their promises and detest the conservative voter. They could EASILY repeal obmaacare but they prefer to protend their ultra importance and stallmate the tax payer so … drain the senate (except Cruz, Lee and Paul … did I miss someone ? If so please advise).

    • Nope trumps buddies are controlling the trumpcare replacements..

    • If Rand Paul had the helm.. it would be repealed already.. he shoulda been our president.

    • Bannon isn’t draining anything fyi

    • Says the paper asshole Harry McGuire Jr.

    • Says What paper

    • Harry McGuire Jr… Do you mean Mitch McConnels butt buddy? that Rand Paul?

    • Nope Rand is the only voting against Trumpcare..

    • You forgot already Trump is pushing obamacare lite WITH McConnell..

    • Finally Trump saw the error in his ways and started to work with Rand Paul and will be releasing something this week to allow folks to buy across state lines

  • Nothing wrong with bitch slapping the “cuck-servatives”. Sic’em Bannon.

  • Needs to target MANY of them

    • How about we target Democrats for once?

    • We’ve got enough targets to go around

    • Trump is not a guy that makes deals. Hope he resigns.

    • keep holding your breath

    • DukeofAnarchy .

      There are seven Republican incumbents running for re-election in 2018, and Bannon is apparently going to be backing primary opponents against all but Ted Cruz. They’re all establishment RINOs and it would be great to see them replaced by even half-good conservatives.

  • Do it! And take McConnell out of his leadership post while he’s at it

  • not a fan of bannon but hatch is a valid target.

  • Good, go get”m Steve !!!!!!!! Drain the swamp…..

  • drain the swamp

  • The time to drain the swamp is closer than I thought. Go for it!!

  • Awesome. Hopefully he’s coming for Dean Heller in NV.

  • Good drain the swamp

  • As much as I dislike Bannon Hatch is an old dinosaur that needs to go he’s been there for over 3 decades and is over 80 years old just retire already!

  • Go Bannon!

  • Go for it. Get those RHINO’S out.

  • YES.

  • The businesses of RINO donors should be advertised so The People can help push this effort!

  • Go Steve

  • the hatch needed replaced since 1996

  • Jo Sunderland Woods

    First Election I am looking forward to. Ready to get these obstructionist & Resistors OUT!!

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