Steve Bannon Offers Olive Branch To Libertarians, Limited Government Conservatives

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Breitbart News Executive Director Steve Bannon has frequently offered criticism toward libertarians for being too concerned with the economy and not concerned enough about the nation or the culture. He echoed these familiar sentiments during a recent speech to the California Republican Party convention in Anaheim on Oct. 20.

“This kind of Austrian School of economics, this kind of Ayn Rand, you know, where everything was about the economy. What was most important six weeks before the election — gotta see what the unemployment rate is, it’s GDP as everything,” Bannon said, saying these notions were “very dangerous.”

“We are not an economy. We are a country. We have a social fabric and a civic responsibility,” Bannon said.

Nevertheless, Bannon sees libertarians and limited government conservatives as integral parts of a coalition that he feels can dominate American politics throughout the next generation.

“Donald Trump, the whole campaign, and this is why it had to be a coalition. This is why it had to be the Republican establishment, it had to be limited-government conservatives, it had to be libertarians, it had to be populists, it had to be economic nationalists, it had to be evangelical Christians,” Bannon said.

“If you have the wisdom, the strength, the tenacity to hold that coalition together, we will govern for 50 to 75 years. And it’s not going to be easy. Not everybody agrees on everything, right?” Bannon asked the audience.

From here, he began to extend an olive branch to libertarians and limited government conservatives. He brought up anti-tax lobbyist and staunch free market advocate, Grover Norquist as an example of an individual who – despite a fair share of disagreements regarding policy – is an indispensable part of the coalition he envisions. Bannon said Norquist was “one of the greatest guys on taxes around” while addressing California Republicans.

“The economic nationalists don’t agree with the libertarians, the libertarians don’t agree with the limited government conservatives,” Bannon said. “Often times we have a lot of different opinions on foreign policy. But we agree on enough stuff that we combine together.”

Bannon slammed a wide variety of targets during his speech including Silicon Valley technocrats, George W. Bush’s legacy, the establishment Republicans, and globalist foreigners. The entirety of the speech can be viewed here.

  • He is a Democrat f um.

    • Bannon is not a Democrat.

    • Bannon is a Democrat

    • McCain is a Democrat!

    • I do not always agree with McCain but he respects others. Trump is populist draft dodger.

    • McCain is a traitor and his name is Songbird. Trump > McCain

    • McCain could have gone home. He refused to talk after his arms and legs were broken.

      You are a vile Liberal coward.

    • Josh has JFK all over his profile. Enough said.

    • Reason #29792488739872 why nobody listens to libertarians: They say things like “Bannon is a Democrat”

    • I am a Republican, asshat

  • “Not everybody agrees on everything, right?”… no but we all can agree that racism has no place on America .

    • Which is why Antifa must be stopped.

    • ha, didn’t see that coming. Personally I have nonviolent principles. But I wont support facism.

    • Antifa is fascist

    • well this all detracts from my point that racism has no place here.

    • Timothy Runkle are you suggesting that bannon or constitutionalists or libertarians are racitsts? i think you’re drinking the media cool-aid if you think any of the afore mentioned are racists. There is zero evidience. But antifa, black lives matter, all islamist groups (that I know of and islam in general for that matter), nation of islam and the black panthers are 100% racists and are all in support of each other. I don’t know of any instances in which either trump,bannon, libertarians, conservatives or constitutionalists have indicated racism. Can you think of any? You can’t count the left making accusations without proof – that no longer flies.

    • Teresa Moats Bannon is. I’m not trying to make this about anything other.

    • As an admirer of Frederick Douglass, I agree that racism has no place in America. But what makes Bannon racist?

  • Is that why he offered up Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate for limited government? Fuck Steve Bannon.

  • tz1

    Do you want free-trade purism where you will buy from China the device you will use to euthanize yourself when socialism and SJWism wins, or will accept free trade INSIDE our borders with a government decimated and continuing to wither?

  • There are very few things that I’m not willing to accept as long as it means SJWs crying their eyes out…

    • That makes you just as tribal as they are,

    • who gives a shit.. Trump was/is necessary.. bottom line is that media + their goons can no longer dictate who gets nominated/elected… even shitty communist Sanders would have been preferable to business as usual…

    • losertarians are the people who refuse to see that and would rather vote for the dude who makes them feel like exclusive part of some special club that is supposed to be smarter than everyone else…

    • these people are put in place in order to be irrelevant.. only a fool would play along with that…

    • You have a problem with libertarians and think Sanders is preferable to democrats? You need to re-examine your values and where you get your information.

    • It’s about no longer allowing media to dictate who is nominated/elected. Only way to get actual libertarians into office some day.

    • Losertarian party works towards the opposite of that goal.

    • Petar Hrvoje Your replies are mostly incoherent with a smidgen of bulverism, tangents, and statements that are so broad and vauge as to be of rhetorical or probative value.

    • ^Losertarian

  • He can help get Libertarians get in office, Maine has an excellent candidate to challenge Angus King, Moore is a Constitutionalist, it is a great opportunity to advance with

  • Yeah no thanks skin heads and white supremacists are not allies

  • Might not be a bad move

  • Yeah go for it anything to drive out the SJWs who Gary Johnson helped bring in.

  • His policy prescriptions on trade are a non starter for me. To think we have to debate Adam Smith in 2017!

  • He can take that olive branch and shove it up his ass. The Alt-Right is nothing but a bunch of anti-capitalism, antisemitic troglodytes.

  • Only Steve, if you give up the crystal meth!

  • That white supremacist needs to retire.

  • Oh how the mighty have fallen

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