Steve Bannon: It Is “Workers, Not Libertarian Theorists, Who Are The Backbone Of The Country”

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Breitbart News executive director Steve Bannon recently addressed criticism that has dogged him since publicly aligning with President Donald Trump: that he is a racist. He denies such charges as baseless smears, claiming that blacks and hispanics are key parts of the winning nationalist coalition he is formulating to restore America.

“Once we get 25 percent or 30 percent of the black working class, once we get 25 percent or 30 percent of the Hispanic working class, we’re gonna govern for 100 years,” Bannon said to White House reporter Keith Koffler. Koffler is working on a new biography, “Bannon, Always the Rebel.”

Bannon is re-shaping the Republican Party to make it more amenable to what he believes are the core of America: the working class who embody the quality of life he remembers growing up being apart of a large Irish Catholic family in suburban Virginia.

“The reorganization of the Republican Party into a worker’s party, that’s what I focus on every day,” Bannon said.

Additionally, Bannon took aim at libertarian theorists of the CATO Institute. Bannon has frequently lobbed shots at the think-tank mentality of Republican elites who speak using talking points from corporate white papers instead of delivering populist rhetoric that stirs up the passions of the American people.

“I come from a black neighborhood,” Bannon said. “They’re conservative people. More conservative than the radicals I see coming out of the Cato Institute. You give me the Cato Institute versus a black, working-class neighborhood…[and I’ll take] the black working-class neighborhood, because it is workers, not libertarian theorists, who are the backbone of the country.”

Despite recent dismaying results in Virginia, New Jersey and other state elections across the country, Bannon remains hopeful in the long-term success of his strategy. He believes that Democrats doubling-down on inflammatory racial messages will only strengthen the cause he is championing.

“As long as they’re involved in identity politics, as long as they think ‘It’s alt-right, and racism, and anti-Semitism, they’re never going to focus on what the real issues are, which is really about working class economics,” Bannon said. “That’s all I’m focused on. And as long as they can’t answer that…they’re in a cul-de-sac that they literally can’t get out of to win. And that’s the place that I want them in right now.”

  • Yuuup

  • Bannon never worked a day in his life. He is a nutjob leftist.

  • Bannon is a severe to threat to liberty.

    Screw worker sentiment. If their wants don’t expand liberty, then they shouldn’t be catered too.

    • But I guess the leftist, latte-sipping douchebag contingent should be catered to, even though they don’t expand liberty either. The left and the progressives are the severe threat to liberty.

    • Ryan Anderson Most people are a threat to liberty.

    • The problem with America is vague definitions, ‘threat to liberty’ ha! Liberty for who? there are people who should not and never have liberty. Mad people are denied it likewise criminals and many on the left are candidates for both and should never have liberty yet they’re the ones who scream loudest about it…tragedy!!!

    • Here we see how the ideology of liberty has become something of a golden calf to libertarians and “conservatives,” so much so that they’re willing to sacrifice human interests in its name.

      Libertarians and socialists: perverted mirror images of each other.

    • The right and left are threats to liberty. If you can’t see that, you’re blind.

  • Bannon is a Socialist.

  • bannon is right,

  • I’m not sure it’s wise to go after libertarians by name because many will be part of the against it coalition. I would just make political and philosophical points without naming it specifically.

  • He right often but needs a lesson on Alexander Hamilton… He stated he is Hamiltonian… ugh

  • Sounds like a true Leninist.

  • An evil, evil man.

    • If only he, like other “conservatives,” used patriotic rhetoric about “limited government” to mask an agenda of redistributing wealth from the American nation to a global elite!

  • I miss the days when the Republican Party at least pretended to be for limited government

    • How did that work? The government did nothing but grow – especially under Republicans!

    • James Rutledge Roesch that’s true, but at least they talked the talk. Now, however, the party is full of these characters like Bannon who openly talk about turning the party into a collectivist, protectionist, identity-politics cesspool.

  • His mistake is to deny racism. What a waste of time. Who gives a shit what leftists think?

  • If it weren’t for intellectuals, these rubes wouldn’t even have a country.

    • Intellectuals like Steve Bannon, not pseudo-intellectual posers at the CATO institute.

    • The people at Cato have degrees and have done extensive research into what they write about.

      What does Bannon have? What has he done? The guy looks unkempt and like he needs inpatient drug treatment.

    • Paul Nicolosi The people have Cato have never contributed anything that made a difference. They’re not relevant.

      We had a strong, free country well before these ideologues and pundits came along.

    • Well, you’re right that Bannon will contribute something that will make a difference…

      …major Democratic gains in Congress and statehouses during Trump’s presidency. Trump is the best thing that could have ever happened to Democrats.

    • Paul Nicolosi Bannon/Trump are transforming America because they ignore the theoretical eggheads and focus on reality. You should educate yourself and watch his documentary on the cycles of economies:

    • > implying that working with one’s hands and not sitting around on Facebook theorizing makes one a rube

      Allow me to reiterate why Trump won.

    • We won’t have a country for much longer if the leftist academic intellectuals have their way. They’ve already brainwashed too many of the younger generation against America snd for a system opposite of Americanism.

    • Paul Nicolosi, as always posting utter rubbish.

    • Many of the founders were farmers that also had other professions. They would actually work their farms themselves – which is why their scheduled meeting times were worked around the planting seasons.

    • Paul Nicolosi Not an issue when most Rs are Democrats anyway. The biggest reason for Rs to lose CONgress is that they can’t do anything. Most Rs are ideologically indistinguishable from Ds. People are disgusted and frustrated. The R party is all but dead, unless they can clearly distinguish themselves. Bannon is attempting to change the game by removing the RINOS, thus the internecine war.

  • He’s right. Not that we don’t need theorists – we do need the brains – but workers, blue and white collar alike, are the backbone (and the arms and legs) of any nation.

  • I hope he succeeds before the 2018 elections so that the democrats don’t take the House and start impeachment. The GOP isn’t doing its job in support of our president.

  • So libertarians dont work?

  • Bannon is as great as our president love or hate always one ashole on a post

  • Socialism is also big on appealing to workers…

    God forbid that Libertarian theorists just want free markets and the government out of everyone’s lives…

  • So, FED through QE ZIRP transfers wealth for working poor to gov & elistist, producing income inequ…

  • He is right- and I don’t like the man.

  • Bannon is right about the working class. However, I think he is naive in thinking that blacks and Hispanics will be drawn to the GOP by economic nationalism. Economic nationalism will require immigration reduction and that will be called racist.

  • Retnan

    ““I come from a black neighborhood,” Bannon said. “They’re conservative people”

    Get them to stop voting 90%+ for liberal scum democrats then, genius.

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