Steve Bannon: “Information’s Going To Come Out” Showing GOP Establishment Is Behind Roy Moore Sabotage Campaign

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While most Republican Party officials and many big names in the conservative movement back away from Judge Roy Moore following decades-old accusations of sexual impropriety, Breitbart News Executive Director Steve Bannon is standing strong under the pressure. He refused to withdraw his endorsement of Judge Moore, and says it is up to the voters of Alabama to decide who they want as their next US Senator.

“The people of Alabama have got to decide,” Bannon said to a South Florida audience yesterday. “In Alabama, let people decide and we’ll see how it turns out.”

Although Bannon’s support of Judge Moore may be more tepid than it was in previous weeks, he foreshadowed possible events that may ultimately clear the embattled Senate candidate’s name. Bannon claimed that “some information’s going to come out” that will prove that the claims about the judge were circulated as apart of a calculated “hit” by the GOP party establishment.

If these bombshell revelations come to light, it will show once and for all that the Republican elites would rather have a Democrat in office than an actual conservative. Prominent Republicans such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman Cory Gardner (R-CO) have already called on Judge Moore to withdraw from the race. Even conservative champions like Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) turned on Judge Moore when the going got tough.

“We’re not going to stop until Mitch McConnell is no longer majority leader,” Bannon said, reiterating his top priority since leaving the Trump administration.

Other topics Bannon covered during his Nov. 17 speech to a Fort Lauderdale audience included the ridiculousness of the Russian collusion conspiracy theory, the heroism of President Trump, the strategy behind Trump’s incredible win last year, the Democrats’ incessant drive for impeachment, and other key topics.

  • “In Two Weeks”, Bannon staring in the “Bullshit Pit”. Lol

    What a lying TRAITOR! Democrat insurgent human garbage.

    • do you ever get sick of whining, crybaby?

    • Bannon and his fools do nothing but cry. You are amusing.

    • actually, they kicked Ted Cruz’s sorry ass. Now you cry like a woman on every post. Pitiful

    • Poor Bannon RINO. What kind of idiot attacks Ted Cruz? Trump the loser to Hillary by 3 million votes! Lol

      Roy Moore on a date with your 14 year old daughter?LMFAO at the RINO TRAITORS!

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    • You need to hide behind Zuckerberg because you aren’t man enough to stand on your own two feet. No wonder you are so alone, and nobody respects you. You failed your country, weak coward

    • I play by the rules. If you do not like the rules find a safe place snowflake.

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  • Robert

    • Unbelievable … I take that back … It wouldn’t surprise me if 666 5th Avenue was behind this!

  • I’m not a Bannon/Trump fan but at this point, nothing would surprise me. Politics, left and right, national and local, now more than ever are a foul and disgusting bloodsport, filled with backstabbing duplicitousness, where anything goes as long as you win. Both sides are guilty of abusing their power, lying to constituents, and hypocrisy to the millionth degree. No wonder people were foolish enough to turn to Obama and later, Trump as outside the beltway saviors.

    • Yep, worst two candidates EVER thrown out there last time and people actually voted for them? Not me, not ever D or R again.

  • It seems more likely that Bannon is a plant of the Democrats, since he expends most of his energy attacking the Republican Party and barely mentions Democratic perfidy. He’s a Democratic fifth columnist within the Right, placed to mount attacks from the other flank. It’s a classic pincer movement.

    • he mentions the obvious.. the GOP in congress did everything they could to help Killary during the 2016 cycle.. seems all of congress has signed onto the one world order and the rothchild empire..

  • Face it, your guy is a perv. Your starting to sound like the people that deny the moon landing.

  • Facebook needs a “not shocked face” in their “like” options.

  • Cookie Vranish

    When is Trump going to get rid of Sessions? That mouse/man has caused considerable damage to Trump! I realize he was the first to endorse Trump but maybe that was the worst thing he did. Trump feels obligated to this crummy little Leprechaun!

    • wyebob

      The 1st quarter hasn’t even ended, give a chance. America sees the last potential for a very exciting game and rarely are they won in the first quarter. But team Trump is definitely up.

  • It’s not Democrat verse Republican. The fight is Globalist verse Nationalist. New party lines are being written. The RINO’s/Neo-Conservatives are being chased back to the Democratic Party they belonged to Pre-Reagan.

    • they need to be exposed and face’s put on billboards, milk cartons and FBI most wanted.

    • Idiots like you would call Reagan a “Globalist”

    • Kevin…read it again. Don’t make me break out crayons. Reagan was not a globalist but the reason he won in a landslide victory was the democratic “Hawks” , abandon the party of Carter. That doesn’t mean Reagan was a Globalist. The came over mostly do to Bush. They also liked Reagan’s promise to rebuild the military which had been in disarray Post-Vietnam.

  • More fake news from this pedophile enabling jew hater. Bannon is pond scum who should crawl back to whatever rock he came out. I’ll support the “Establishment” over this truly disgusting man any day.

  • Knew it mr Steve

  • If true their careers will be over!

  • I guarantee you the republican establishment is behind this.

  • Moore is a religious nut job

  • “In two weeks”, Bannon staring in the “Bullshit Pit” lol

    What a lyingTRAITOR! Democrat insurgent human garbage.

  • OMG, will these two parties please implode, please!!!!

  • @yosemiteshane Smear on Moore totally orchestrated by piece of shit @SenateMajLdr Mr. Magoo. Wants…

  • just as they did to Donald J. Trump

  • Don Whitbeck

    I would love to see this when it happens, in front of the Liberal Progressive MSM. Same group that has President Trump under their thump.

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