Socialists Call For Revolution After ICE Deports An Illegal Immigrant Felon

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The International Committee of the Fourth International, an organization that runs the World Socialist Website, is calling for revolutionary action against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as well as the capitalist system for deporting convicted felon Alberto Alonzo Hernandez, a San Diego resident and father of five children.

“ICE records reveal he was convicted for battery of a spouse in 2007, and has illegally re-entered the United States 16 times since 2003,” ICE spokeswoman Lauren Mack said.

Despite Hernandez’s extensive criminal record and open contempt of US law, the socialists maintain that this was an injustice because the incident was caught on video by one of his children who demanded that a warrant be produced for the detainment of her father.

The video can be seen in full here:

The family was profiled in a report released by the international socialists, as they were happy to stand with the explicitly anti-American organization.

“They sent someone to get a warrant, which means they lied when they said they had a warrant in the beginning. They got in without showing anything, and they pointed a gun at the three of us, my grandma and my sister,” the little girl said to the socialists. She was forced to recording by her mother, Brianna Alonso, for the purposes of making a compelling piece of propaganda.

“I told my daughter to record even though she didn’t want to,” she said. “When they got in they took the phone, they pointed their guns, and I was in total shock, I don’t even remember when they took my husband.”

What she failed to mention in her sob story was the encounter that Hernandez recently had with Enforcement and Removal Operations earlier that day.

“ERO officers attempted to arrest Mr. Alonso-Hernandez during a vehicle stop near this residence,” Mack said. “The suspect fled from the scene and hid inside his house, forcing the officers to obtain a criminal arrest warrant for illegal re-entering the United States.”

Despite Hernandez’s extensive history as a criminal, the socialists are lionizing him anyway. They are encouraging workers to demonstrate solidarity with this law-breaking alien.

The socialists wrote: “The brutal assault on immigrants must be understood as an attack on the entire working class. These tools of repression, the methods of apprehension and detainment, will soon be turned against all those who oppose the policies of the ruling class.”

They were quick to note that capitalism and the nation of America were responsible for this injustice, calling for the destruction of US borders as well as the market system.

“The response of the community in National City is a testament to the courage and fight that exists in the working class. However, this energy must be organized as a political movement directed against the capitalist system which creates and maintains arbitrary borders between countries in the interest of the ruling elites,” the socialists wrote.

Despite the whines from the anti-American socialists, there is one less law-breaker on the streets of America due to the work of ICE.

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