Russia Sticks To Its Story, Remains Adamant That Syria Chemical Attack Was False-Flag

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As the war drums beat following an alleged Syrian chemical attack this past weekend, Russia is continuing to maintain its view that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had nothing to do with it and the attack was a false-flag.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a press conference on Friday that the Russian government has “irrefutable evidence that this was another staged event, and that the secret services of a certain state that is now at the forefront of a Russophobic campaign was involved in this.”

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov elaborated on Lavrov’s comments, accusing Britain of having plotted  false-flag attacks intended to escalate conflict in Syria. Konashenkov believes the British called for the attack to be staged in order “to prod the United States to launch missile strikes against Syria.”

Konashenkov points to the White Helmets as the group in particular responsible for staging the attack on behalf of the British government. The White Helmets – lionized by Hollywood and Western media outlets as humanitarian heroes – are in actually closely affiliated with rebel groups and have been working to overthrow the Assad regime on behalf of radical Islam for years.
“The White Helmets were told that in a period from April 3 to 6 Jaysh al-Islam militants would conduct a series of massive artillery bombings of Damascus. It would provoke a retaliation operation by government forces and the White Helmets were to use it to stage a provocation with an alleged use of chemical weapons,” Konashenkov said.

Konashenkov claims that medics at a hospital in Douma, near where the alleged chemical attack took place, corroborate his story. The medics claimed that a group of individuals with video tapes entered the hospital and staged the scene. None of the supposed victims who were filmed had ever been adversely affected by chemicals.

U.S. officials are not buying this line from the Russians, and continue to blame Putin and Assad for what occurred.

“Russia can complain all it wants about fake news, but no one is buying its lies and its coverups,” U.S. ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley said on Friday. “Russia was supposed to guarantee Assad would not use chemical weapons, and Russia did the opposite.”

Meanwhile, the French government claims it has proof that the Assad regime did in fact commit the chemical weapons attacks. With the Russians and the French contradicting each other directly with these claims of evidence, one will ultimately have to put up or shut up in the upcoming weeks as the tense situation sorts itself out.


  1. It makes no sense for Assad to have done this. For once Putin may be telling the truth. The whole thing is too convenient: Trump announces US troops will depart, a couple of days later there’s an alleged gas attack, and the least likely person to have done it is blamed and bombed. US Deep State pawprints are all over this one. We’ve seen over and over again what kind of outrageous sh*t they get up to, during their coup attempts against Trump…


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