Ron Paul: CIA May Use ‘False Flag’ To Set Pretext For War In North Korea!

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Former Texas congressman and libertarian icon Ron Paul appeared on his old friend Alex Jones’ radio show this week to discuss crucial geopolitical issues. The patriot leaders, usually in complete agreement, challenged each other on the issue of North Korea.

“We don’t need to be there. We’re just trying to provoke a problem, and this guy is nuts over there so why provoke them? We’re acting from a sense of insecurity,” Ron Paul said about Trump’s foreign policy.

Paul believes that North Korea poses no threat, and that the dictatorship should be left to its own devices with China and South Korea picking up most of the slack regarding diplomacy. Jones believes that Kim Jong-un poses a serious national security risk to the United States.

“[Kim Jong-un] is goofy,” Paul said. “But I’ll tell you what: He does know what he’s doing because he has to threaten because… he believes that if he gives up and capitulates and does exactly what we tell him to do that what will happen like what happened to Saddam Hussein.”

“This guy who runs North Korea is not going to invade the United States. He’s not going to launch a missile. Just remember the whole thing dealing with Iraq about all the great danger, and the propagandists – the deep state, the media – convinced the American people that Saddam Hussein was a danger. They’re doing the same thing now with North Korea,” Paul said.

Now that the stage has been set, Paul believes that someone in the CIA or another deep state apparatus of the military-industrial complex will likely promulgate an attack that will be used as the pretext for another long, expensive, bloody war.

“Somebody’s going to use a false flag and somebody’s gonna to shoot down the airplane just so this war gets started,” Paul said, warning of possible dire consequences for Trump’s continued saber-rattling in the region.

Paul believes that Americans should keep their bearings in the midst of the war frenzy, and always remember the importance of Constitutional fidelity. Paul was able to deliver that message to millions of people on Alex Jones’ radio show on Tuesday.

  • And this crack pot won 2 million votes in the 2012 primary

    • They have done it before and it worked

    • Ron Paul is not a crack pot.

    • How is he a crack pot? What have you done for the liberty movement?

    • Bill Potting Promoted conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

    • Jim Dunn You’ve drunken too much of the Alex Jones Kool Aid.

    • Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are patriots.

    • Ron Paul is also a Paleo-Conservative.

    • TJ Dearman Mike Lee is good. Ted Cruz is in bed with the neo-cons and drug warriors.

    • Ron Paul is the greatest statesman in the past century.

    • Ted Cruz is also a war hawk.

    • Bill Potting Ted Cruz is not a neo con. Does anyone who supports a big military is a neocon?

    • Neocons love war TJ. Ted Cruz is for Forgein interventions that cause blow back.

    • TJ Dearman, obviously you have a lot to learn,

    • Josh Maddox I’m aware of the neocon definition but pushing for a strong military doesn’t mean you support intervention.

    • Josh Maddox cause blowback? I think you might be delusional.

    • Jim Dunn I’m not the guy who thinks that we stirred the hornets nest and that was the motivation behind 911.

    • TJ Dearman Doesn’t make him a friend of limited govt.

    • TJ Dearman That’s exactly what led to 9/11. Bin Laden’s words.

    • The CIA coined the term blow back.

    • Tim Crowley

      Paul is a racist nut-bag. His fans are even more batty. sigh

  • Kamyar Maghazehe this guy is crazy

  • Not too far fetched.

  • What the CIA does best, creates a need for a war.

    • They prevent wars in fact.

    • So being ignorant to what goes on in the world is good for loser pot smoking children. The rest of the world trusts in those that gather facts.

    • Have you bothered to read any of the declassified CIA documents?

    • And who are these loser pot smoking children?

    • Let’s see, destabilizing and overthrowing governments, organizing coup’s, running guns and drugs……yeah, preventing wars…..okay Ray?????

  • Not the first time it has been done..

  • Oh for FUCKS SAKE!

  • Rubber room Ron is off his meds again.

    • Keep trusting Big Brother

    • Keep thinking such a thing exists. Building 7 nut?

    • Ray Pellerin No but to believe the government doesn’t commit false flags and is really looking out for you is like believing in santa clause.

      • Tim Crowley

        If you can’t even spell Santa Claus, it’s time to give up.

  • Saun Lehar

  • Tim Crowley

    Paul proving again he is a total nutbag.

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