Richard Spencer Nearly Starts A Riot At Students For Liberty Conference

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Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute, who achieved national infamy last year after he conducted a “Hail Trump” display that was seized upon by the mainstream media, sparked a large display of outrage at the International Students for Liberty Conference (ISFLC) – just by merely showing up at the hotel bar!

Invited by the recently-formed Hans Hermann Hoppe Caucus, Spencer appeared for an impromptu “breakout session” in the hotel bar where ISFLC was taking place. Receiving well over 50 attendees, Spencer’s appearance ended up being one of the most well-attended breakout sessions of the entire weekend, and created controversy, rocking the entire conference off its axis.

“We started the Hoppe Caucus with just a small group of people to spread diversity of conversation into the libertarian movement,” said Mitchell Steffen, founding member of the Hoppe caucus. “We don’t agree with what Spencer believes in a lot of ways, but we still wanted to hear his point of view,” Steffen said.

The event started off well with a small group of onlookers engaging in a pleasant discussion with Spencer. Spencer expressed his concerns with libertarianism, and described how his proposed idea for an ethnostate may unfold. As more people started to attend, the event descended into a circus. Liberty activist Cesar Subervi helped organize the event, and was ashamed of how attendees of the ISFLC conducted themselves.

“Richard Spencer is a white identitarian, and most on the left and right are wholly opposed to that because it’s given a bad name,” Subervi said. He sat next to Spencer and appeared prominently in the video footage. “It’s understandable, but as a Dominican, Spencer and I were able to have a discussion and even see eye-to-eye on certain things. I really enjoyed the dialogue we shared, and see no problem with Spencer advocating on behalf of his own ethnicity.”

This chance to find common ground was brought to an abrupt halt after outraged individuals gathered, started a ruckus, and began threatening violence. Spencer appeared at a public bar in the hotel lobby of the Marriott Wardman Park, and was not an official attendee of the ISFLC. A mob of leftists, who were even joined by Jeffrey Tucker at one point, were warned repeatedly about their noise-level, but refused to calm down. Eventually, hotel security dispersed the entire mob and assisted Spencer in evacuating unscathed.

“It was really unfortunate how it turned out,” Steffen said. “I think the Hoppe Caucus did a good job of pushing the envelope and exposing hypocrisy though. Spencer’s ideas should be challenged with better libertarian ideas. He should not be bullied.” The Hoppe Caucus plans to burn a United Nations flag to finish up their ISFLC operations.

The Liberty Conservative will continue to have further updates, including extensive video coverage, regarding any new developments happening at the ISFLC as the weekend comes to a close.

  • Rascal

    Decent take. Non Whites can have conversations with Spencer because advocating for your own is natural for most of the 7 billion humans on the planet. It is second nature. Yes, Spencer loves his own people, but doesn’t necessarily hate non Whites for simply being non White. It is the autistic “color blind” White people and Jews that have the biggest problem with Spencer because they are self hating cowards, who prescribe to insane ideals.

    Jeffrey Tucker should be thanking Spencer, because without his appearance I would have never know his little group or conference even existed. Of course he is an example of someone who is too cowardly to talk to Spencer.

    Anyway, good article, and I like the web site.

  • What does this guy have to do with Liberty. You must be able to reject a narrative that places individuals into groups and puts them against one another.

    • He was at the event and this article reported on it.

    • Liberty only exists when you tolerate and learn about all perspectives

      • Fred

        Yes. We need to tolerate the perspective of a FREAKING NAZI. holy hell you libertarians are the worst.

        • Jimmy Rustler


      • A. Alexander Minsky

        Liberty only exists when you tolerate all perspectives. A free person is under no compulsion to learn about all perspectives (intellectually rewarding though such cross ideological exploration may be).

        • Jimmy Rustler

          “A free person is under no compulsion to learn about all perspectives”
          translation: its ok to be purposely ignorant

          • A. Alexander Minsky

            We all have subjects that don’t interest us i.e. about which we are “purposely ignorant”. I am “purposely ignorant” about the National Hockey League? Does my ignorance about that organization pose a threat to liberty?

          • Jimmy Rustler

            the difference is that OP is on a political website , wanting to be purposely ignorant about certain political perspectives (bc it probably makes them uncomfortable).

    • ThomasER916

      “You must be able to reject a narrative that places individuals into groups and puts them against one another.”

      Translation: you reject science for your religious delusions.

      Race is a biological reality and necessary for modern medicine. Rare blood types and bone marrow is explicitly linked to race. Rejecting that “narrative” means people die from negligence. Your entire religious delusion is literally killing people.

    • Jimmy Rustler

      “groups dont exist because i say so “

    • So, is the Communist Party allowed to speak at ISFLC, too?

  • sirjamesthegood

    “Hoppe Caucus”: I love it. Good work goys.

  • sirjamesthegood

    TBH Walter Block could crush Spencer in a debate. Tucker whining in that lisp of his only hurt his own side. It’s sad what’s happened to libertarianism since Ron Paul retired.

    • anarchy.ensues

      what, walter block isnt a race realist anymore? dude all the mises lot are race realists…
      “Everyone who lives in border areas of the country knows that illegal immigration is a major source of crime and assorted social mayhem.” said jeffery tucker

      they gave up the race realist message to get mass appeal… now look at what we have… a very non libertarian country…

    • A. Alexander Minsky

      I actually think Spencer could use a number of quotes from Block’s mentor Murray Rothbard to make the diminutive scholar quite uncomfortable during the course of a debate. The alt right tends to be rather fond of the late Rothbard, and not without reason (google Murray Rothbard, Hubert Collins for more information).

  • I think Students for Liberty is a mixture of libertarians and leftists. Some of their posts have elements of both.

  • anarchy.ensues

    i think it goes to show that the left of the libertarian movement have noticed that the right has left… we are no longer going to be a victim, you will finally feel our peaceful ways by force.

  • Namakabrood Abrood

    This guy won’t survive according to history.

    • ThomasER916

      According to what history?

      Whites that act in the interests of Whites built America.
      Whites that act in the interests of non-Whites built Mexico.

  • How anyone thinks Richard Spencer even remotely represents libertarian or conservative is beyond me.

    • epleguy

      He’s a good buddy with Ron Paul and Tom Woods.

      • A. Alexander Minsky

        Are you referring to Hoppe or Spencer? The former may be a “buddy” of Paul and/or Woods. The latter most definitely is not.

        • epleguy


    • This article makes no such claims.

    • The Liberty Conservative: Spencer can get his own hotel. No libertarian wants to associate with him, and that’s their right.

    • EBT

      Much Agreed

    • Yet the article claims that the Libertarians were snowflakes and weren’t interested in finding a common ground. Good for them. I may be for women’s health but I have no interest in finding common ground with PP.

  • Fred

    He is a Nazi. He should be repeatedly be punched in the dick. That’s how you deal with Nazis. If you agree with this dude. You also deserve to be punched in the dick. This isn’t a liberal vs conservatives thing. He’s a Nazi. And I hope libertarians and conservatives don’t want to hear the “opinions” of a Nazi. If you agree we should hear him out. You’re a spineless trash heap. And I’m proud to use my first amendment right to call you trash.

    • Ganesh

      Such a blessing that this tired old neo-marxist linguistic trick is dying from overuse and exposure: call someone or some thing a word that you attach strong emotional connections to and end the discussion at that.

      Sorry, that rhetorical bankruptcy is on its deathbed, and good riddance.

    • Kel Thuz

      Punch me, bigot. Can’t wait

    • epleguy

      Uh oh, by popular vote we decided that you are a NAZI. Get ready to be publicly executed for your beliefs.

    • Jimmy Rustler

      Come at me bitch.

    • Paggertheblagger

      Change the record Stalin! Seems to be stuck.

    • Shouldn’t you really be in craigslist with your fixation?

    • Smash Islamophobia

      Not sure that sharing your perverted sexual fantasies enhances your argument for violent suppression of political dissidents in any important way. Just sayin’

  • Only fascists shut down free speech. If Libertarians do not defend free speech, they are nothing.

    • The didn’t say he couldn’t talk, they just didn’t want him in their hotel.

    • This was on private property involving an uninvited person trying to associate himself with an organization and event that does not want to associate with him.

      There is nothing wrong with kicking him out.

    • EBT

      Yeah Agreed

    • Joe…I defend your right to say whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean you can come to my house and say it. I do not welcome all people into my home. I do not want them in my home saying heinous crap. And I will fight to the end that they have the right to speak…on their own property.

    • Having read through the comments, I did not sense any libertarian views. What I sensed was intolerance of Liberty.

    • I think you are seeing an intolerance for hate speech on private property. I think that is a great way to deal with hatred. Public shunning.

    • You have distorted the facts, Jennifer.

  • This Hoppe group just invited all sorts of condemnation on the liberty movement. Good job…

  • There are so many free speech violations going on right now it’s not funny yet the lp decides to cry over the white supremacist. The lp is becoming a joke.

    • It wasn’t an LP event, but if you think the LP should embrace white supremacists you can go join the Nazi party instead.

    • I think you read my comment wrong

    • Free Speech protects persons from government.
      It doesn’t protect assholes from being kicked off private property.

    • Davoe W Thomas I read it again and don’t come up with an alternative meaning. Perhaps you’re missing some punctuation or some mediating context or something else that would clear things up.

  • Well now I know to ignore anything from the Hoppe Caucus or anything from the liberty conservative. Spencer is the snowflake here. Anyone who want a giant safe space where he doesn’t have to deal with differing cultures is no balls-of-steel in my book, weather he advocates using force to achieve his ends or not.

    • epleguy

      You are retarded. YOU are the one advocating using force against people who wants to live with their own.

    • Yes I rarely read LC but I will now probably stop sharing their articles.

  • LyovMyshkin

    The causal direction implied by your headline is infuriating. You’re all much greater enemies of truth than the left. Seriously, at least most of them take their rubbish seriously. What’s your defense?

  • LyovMyshkin

    “Adlai Stevenson provokes riot in Dallas due to the fact he exists”

    Seriously, you people need to be purged. You’re so insidious. You do nothing serious except attack those to the right of you.

    Like I said, the left has an excuse for their insanity. The only way you can defend your pathetic lies is to claim you desired to appear respectable.

    Would ‘oven’ — just kidding!!! — you before I would a Communist. They actually believe their crap.

  • SB Trader

    Until “so called Whites pay reparations” to “so called Non-Whites” for the harm they have done, they will always be racial imbalance. Who gave you the rights to colonize other countries and rob its wealth; and who gave you the rights to enslave human kind for the color of their skin?

    I don’t know the kind of reparation that will be needed to bring a balance within all races, but progress that have been made thus far is a move in that direction. We can’t turn around and go back to the time when there were unjust laws.

    • epleguy

      Good thing there weren’t a country where the United States are now and it wasn’t colonised, but settled. Who the fuck talks about slavery anymore? Europeans did away with that along time ago.

      • Smash Islamophobia

        I don’t know about you, but I freed all of my slaves last week. I’m cool. And of course, the fact that many of the Arab countries didn’t (legally, not in fact) abolish slavery until the 1960s (under considerable pressure from White countries, of course) is clearly irrelevant because, uh…

    • Jimmy Rustler

      So when will Muslims make reparations for the invasions of India and Europe?

    • Smash Islamophobia

      Exactly. This idea that all peoples act in their own interest, and expand, settle and colonize other territories when they get the opportunity, and that White Europeans have just been more successful at it than other peoples for the past few hundred years, is clearly false, because, uh, you know, reasons. Saying that the Turks should give back Constantinople to the Greek victims of Ottoman imperialism, or that they should pay reparations for the millions of White Europeans that they enslaved, is clearly just an irrelevant diversion. Right?

  • What a shit article. If refusing to accept Nazi fascists at your anti-fascist conference, then by all means, call me a snowflake. Go keep company with Richard Spencer.

    • EBT

      <3 This

    • FYI, it was a libertarian conference not an antifa conference.

    • Libertarians are anti-fascism and we have no obligation to accept fascist trolls.

  • Oh please. He was there too glom onto the event, and 99% of those there wanted him gone.

  • He’s not really even Alt-Right, he’s a white supremacist and white nationalist who advocates for the deportation of minorities and the establishment of a white ethnostate

    • The alt-right is white supremacist. They have been using that name for a long time. The “Trumpian alt-right” basically stole the name from them.

    • Smash Islamophobia

      It’s astonishing to see that someone could still be so ignorant in the current year as to fail to recognize that the “White supremacist” blood libel is mere Jewish projection of their own hate-filled, intolerant attitudes onto the goyim. Don’t believe me, believe the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who propounded in 2010:
      “The sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews. Why are the Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why Gentiles were created.”

      Who was Yosef? A minor figure in Judaism? Hardly. He was the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel.

      His funeral in Jerusalem was the largest in Israel’s history, with an estimated attendance of 850,000

      When the Rabbi passed away, Benjamin Netanyahu unapologetically declared, “The Jewish people have lost one of the wisest men of this generation.”
      Shimon Peres added, “When I pressed his hand, I felt I was touching history, and when I kissed his head, it was as though I kissed the very greatness of Israel.”

    • Copyright101

      And what’s the point of the Alt-Right if it’s not WN and for the deportation minorities and the establishment of a white ethnostate? We’d just be a bunch of cuck/eunuchs then

  • Why am I not surprised that The “Liberty” Conservative page defends White Nationalists that came to an invent they were not invited to and claim to be a part of it (using a sign) and then when people actually debated and said “mean things” to them; Call those people snowflakes. I’m glad at least these “Libertarian” pages are showing their true colors

    • EBT


    • Smash Islamophobia

      Exactly. Anti-White hatred is the only tolerant position in the current year. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • Aiser50

    “Hoppe Caucus”? By this I guess he means Hans Hermann Hoppe. If so, then I would like him to know that ironically Spencer and Hoppe are acquainted with one another. They shared a platform on some panels over the years. Hoppe is much more intelligent then Tucker and you will find him agreeing with many points put forward by the alt-right.

  • The Liberty conservative is a disgrace.

  • weknow

    Libertarians should worry more about the far left.

    Anti-fa has shown that they will even behave violently against Milo who is not a fascist or ethno-nationalist.

    It is eye-opening how libertarians will try to act like communists just to not look racist.

  • EBT

    I simply want to express my gratitude for this post and your great page.

  • Whoever wrote this article is a disgrace. “Spencer appeared at a public bar in the hotel lobby of the Marriott Wardman Park”. A public bar on private property? I know why they used the loaded term “public”, but that’s very poor and dishonest writing.

    • Paul Reeves

      Sorry that you’re confused by plain english, honey.

  • “Snowflakes” couldn’t find a “common ground” with this asshole and you think it’s their fault? This article is a disgrace to anything resembling “conservatism” and the Liberty Conservative” is a disgrace for publishing it. “Conservatism” believes in individualism and not collectivism. Spencer preaches a collectivist ideology.

  • Here would be a much more honest title as far as I am concerned: Hoppe Caucus springs unwanted guest ON the ISFLC. The focus of the article imo should be on how incredibly rude and frankly stupid the Hoppe Caucus behaved. Shame on them. But if you don’t want to condemn the Hoppe Caucus, that would be acceptable reporting too, but the facts are that the Hoppe Caucus did something and people reacted to that something. Not that people are snowflakes for disliking the guy. Screw you The Liberty Conservative for calling people who dislike this jackass a snowflake.

  • ted schroeder

    Good analysis, Libertarians use to be so open minded, but they have slowly been influenced leftward since the day or the Ron Paul campaign

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