Rand Paul’s Attacker Exposed As Far-Left Bernie Sanders Supporter

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One day prior to ANTIFA’s ‘day of rage’ designed to stoke fury against President Donald Trump and his Republican cohorts, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was accosted at his home by a left-wing terrorist desperate to make the pain real for his political opponents.

Rene Boucher, a 59-year-old Bowling Green resident and registered Democrat, allegedly ambushed Paul at his own home on Friday night. According to the warrant issued for Boucher’s arrest, the brutal assault left Paul with cuts to the nose and mouth area, as well as with potential rib injuries resulting in him having trouble breathing. Boucher is now behind bars and facing a $5,000 bond for his suspected crimes.

“Senator Paul was blindsided and the victim of an assault,” said Kelsey Cooper, Paul’s Kentucky communications director, in an email. “The assailant was arrested and it is now a matter for the police.”

Unsurprisingly, Boucher’s social media activity indicates that he is a far-left socialist who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for President last year. Boucher’s Facebook page is littered with posts in favor of Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), left-wing anarchist Noam Chomsky, and former FBI director James Comey, with non-stop coverage of the mainstream media’s reporting on Trump’s supposed Russian scandal. The FBI has declared that the attack was politically motivated.

“78 degrees today in Bowling Green and no terrorist attacks,” Boucher wrote on Facebook in March. Little did he realize that he would personally disrupt his own forecast in the near future!

Months earlier, another socialist Bernie Sanders fanatic sprayed gunfire at Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) during a Congressional baseball practice that Paul was attending. Although he was lucky to escape on that occasion, this marks the second time that Paul was the victim of left-wing terrorism in the past year alone.

Boucher works as an anesthesiologist and pain specialist in Bowling Green, and designed a device known as the Therm-a-Vest to relieve back pain which he attempted to sell through television infomercials in the early 2000s. He is facing fourth-degree assault charges, and could face up to 12 months in jail.

Sanders, the subversive political leader behind much of the violence, infamously called on his radical devotees to “take down Trump” in July, and released a “guide to revolution” in August. Based on the widespread attacks across the country against both Republican politicians and Trump supporters in recent months, it has become evident that they are heeding his call.

  • Well if they support government force then personal violence against someone isn’t that far away.

  • 12 months for attacking somebody in their home? Let’s not slap his fragile wrist too hard.

    • He’s a leftist…he didn’t know how to fight well enough to do any real damage.

  • So sad #Rand wasn’t packing.

  • Another bernie supporter….go figure

  • If Rand were packing and shot this guy, it wouldn’t be much of a tragedy.

  • I bet Rand has a gun today.

  • While mowing his own lawn? I’ve got to admire a senator, who is also a doctor, for doing the same kind of Saturday chores the rest of us do.

  • Was he simply a lost Leftist or an ANTIFA member/supporter?

  • @therealroseanne Another one

  • @therealroseanne Another one

  • Like the KKK, Rene Boucher is a “home-grown terrorist.” He’s another Timothy McVeigh.Ethnicity is irrelevant, and to categorize a “terrorist” to one who practices the Islamic faith is racist.Along with the ISIS adherent who attacked downtown Manhattan, Boucher should be expeditiously shipped to Guantanamo.All methods of interrogation should be permissible, and the US Congress should stay out of the way.

    • Islam = religion.

      Muslim = person who practices Islam.

      Islam/being a Muslim does not belong to any one ethnicity/race.

      Not racist.

    • Well said

    • You are a special kind of stupid. Since islam is not a race but a satanic religion you can’t be a racist because you dislike them. Time to pull your head out of your ass.

    • Islam is a religion. Who said it was a”race?” If you read with some degree of objectivity, it would be clearly understood that I was comparing “home-grown” terrorists, who are predominantly Caucasian, to “Islamists,” who practice a distorted version of Islam. most of whom are non-white. Like many who respond, you label one as “stupid,” when all you are doing is manifesting your own “special kind of ignorance.” Perhaps your understanding of the English language requires improvement. Try reading a book. Buy a dictionary. Video games are bruising your brain.

    • Islam is a “satanic Religion?” There are over one billion practicing Muslims, most of whom are hard-working peaceful individuals. They have a good work ethic, believe in prayer, and provide for their families. They send their children to school, with the hope that they can obtain an education, and become proper law-abiding adults. How dare you insult these people by referring to them as “satanic?” You’re lucky to be in America. This nation has given you the freedom to espouse your special kind of insults unimpeded. If you were in the land of your forefathers,your tongue would probably be neatly removed from your mouth, and you’d have to learn sign language.Keep playing video games.They could only enhance an IQ. which appears to be lower than low.

    • It is not a religion as far as I am concerned it is a sick demented cult

    • Well, you apparently think that a billion and a half people, many of whom practice a moderate form of Islam, are a “sick and demented cult.”Lol. Your opinion lacks specificity, and I can only dismiss it to your lack of education, or unwillingness to understand the world as it truly exists.The 1st amendment specifies freedom of religion. Not your religion, but all religions. You apparently think that all Muslims are terrorists. Who could argue with a person who has already made up her mind.

    • Devïn T Wilcox Islam is not a religion, but a political ideology.

    • Islam is not a race……..#Facts

    • You idiot , how can an ideology be defined by race , you moron

    • Amanda Tucker Langston Yes is is actually a theocracy.

    • Louis Pushkin Actually, the terrorists practice a VERY PURE version of Islam. Read the Qur’an.

    • Louis Pushkin You called it a race when you said, “… to categorize a “terrorist” as one who practices the Islamic faith is racist.” You can’t call someone a ‘racist’ if you’re not talking about a ‘race’.

    • And it doesn’t matter how MANY people call themselves Muslims.

    • Louis Pushkin All that can be said is it is a shame the Crusaders didn’t finish the job they started. The goat humpers are still living in the dark ages.

    • Lol. The old one living in the Dark Ages is you, Mr. One Hung Low.You’re also an angry kind of species. You have not said one single thing that makes any sense. You defer to Mr. Simon,who however misguided, attempts to make a cogent argument.You know nothing about the topic under discussion. You’re just anti-semitic, that’s all. Please, don’t refer comments to me anymore. I was hoping to have some type of intelligent discussion with the participants, but I only see insults. Simplistic insults. A 3rd grader could do better. Stick with your video games.

    • Diana Kerr If you read carefully, a comparison was drawn between a “home-grown terrorist,” who is white, as opposed to an Islamic fundamentalist was is non-white. That’s where the term “racist” is used. Is that understandable to you? I hope so.I must remember to refrain from getting involved with members of FB who enjoy argument for the sake of argument. It leads no where.

  • @therealroseanne shocked

  • He should be going after Hillary not Rand.

  • @_ROB_79 What’s up with crazy Bernie supporters ?

  • @therealroseanne Lol. Liberals always beat up conservatives. Conservatives are sissies.

  • @therealroseanne Shouldn’t he be pissed at Hilary not Paul?

  • Lol, since when are Watters and Warren Republicans?

  • man the tinfoil is wrapped tight in this article

  • @therealroseanne That makes 3!

  • @therealroseanne ,@CNN will soon run the scroll “Trump Stirs Violence–Again!”

  • @therealroseanne thats strange, a lot of people on the left actually like rand paul, i would have voted for him over clinton

  • @marshalhester These guys need to protect themselves. Ppl are nuts! Not even safe in your own home. Crazy!

  • @therealroseanne these Bernie loons should be attacking Hiltopper’s people!

  • @therealroseanne Non a surprise!

  • Wacko!

  • I’m looking @ his facebook page & see nothing abt Bernie he’s just an anti-trumper.Bernie folks r a… https://t.co/RqymjPfKfc

  • Hey auntie Maxine…..shut up!!!

  • Well you knew that it wold be a left winger who resorts to violence!!

  • Ignorant coward.

  • These violence of these Democrats must be stopped

  • @therealroseanne What else is new? Deranged delusional degenerate fucks these people are.

  • @AfreeThinker71 Those lefty’s have cornered the market on crazy town.must be a pre requisite to be a liberal .

  • @therealroseanne This must be contagious. It’s a disease called “socialism”. Can affect elderly males.

  • @therealroseanne So much for peaceful discourse.

  • Why Rand though, on social issues and foreign policy, no republican is closer to Berne than Rand.

    • Yet on many other crucial matters of liberty no one is further from Bernie than Rand. Rand regularly bashed socialism, and publicly, repeatedly challenged Bernie to a debate.

  • @Redheaded_Jenn one doctor against another. Paul is probably most anti fascist member of Congress. Attacker must not been pd

  • @Redheaded_Jenn & the next antifa foot soldier that will attack is @jedi_web

  • 4th degree misdemeanor assault. Is that possible? What, a scratch?! Two docs living in same gated… https://t.co/8sRPWjEFzz

  • The loony left strikes again.

  • @paphotog Can someone explain why it’s always the left and Bernie supporters that go far left with violence

  • @DailyManumitter Seems to be a trend… #GOPBaseball

  • Was Rand Paul an accidental target since it just came out that it was the HRC campaign that was unf… https://t.co/7BTyN3k6Ug

  • @mamabear_terry Seeing a pattern, far leftist are violent

  • @CandyCain79 A commie!

  • Y este cree que está en Cuba.Imbécil estás en América!Y apoyar al viejo socialista cagalitroso,no te da derecho a pegarle a otra persona,mucho menos a un miembro del congreso.No sé,pero tienes cara de pichón de piojo pegado.Lo dejo a su reflexión.

  • I’m going to find that asshole and get payback. Don’t lay a hand on Rand

  • Why are these leftists so lacking in common sense?

  • @trumpamerican Seems like a majority of the violence goes back to Bernie supporters.

  • I see a pattern here

  • Going to have to increase the secret service to protect both house members soon.

  • @DeplorableVegan Shocker

  • @therealroseanne THIRD PERSON, who supported @SenSanders, to attack Republicans.


  • Supporting looney Maxine and Fauxahontis… THIS GUY IS NUTS! He’s been huffing too much nitrous!

  • @therealroseanne What else is new? #berniethugs

  • @Smokes_Angel Far left Bernie loons, Bernie who sold out to Hillary for a house. Yep, man of princi… https://t.co/9nzLvOxhkQ

  • FreedomsKrieg

    Another good reason to send The mentally deranged lefties to Guantanamo. Anyone from ANTIFA Should be 1st in line.

    • Axekick

      It’s not like he shot and killed 26 churchgoers including a 17 month old infant and wounded an additional 25. That was a Trump voter.

  • then who are the haters, of course they are.

  • A GOP Rep literally body slammed a reporter. Also his registration was cancel in RI. Who knows what this was about.

  • The tolerant left strikes again, I think everyone is starting to see who the real fascists are.

    • And not a thing is true in this article. Yes his neighbor attacked him, but so far the FBI hasn’t said this was politically motivated. You should probably take your own advice and do more research before believing something that is posted. Especially when it uses language designed to cause separation between the political groups.

    • Sorry Ben but I disagree, this is obviously politically motivated and I really don’t care what CNN or msnbc has to say or how they will try to spin this. Funny how it happens on antifas weekend of protest. I’ll stick to my guns on this one.

    • The Antifa weekend was a joke lol. And my info is from neither of those sources. Stick to your guns if you must, but you are being manipulated by fear mongering.

    • I’m not being manipulated in the least Ben. Antifa had their protests in Chicago and New York. When these protests morph into violence againts counterprotestors in the coming weeks we will see the true face of many of the antifa members. The narrative on this is just like the scalise shooting, it is absolutely politically motivated but we are being told by the msm it isnt.

    • Nope. The violence wasn’t started by the liberal left. Again, pay attention to your sources.

    • Right Ben like the professor in Cali hitting the guy with the bike lock, or the girl throwing bottles with m80s in them. I think you need to check your sources.

    • Sorry man I choose not to follow the spin your right wing media sources choose to throw your way.

      See what I did there?

    • Whatever man agree to disagree. I’ll do what I do you do what you do. I have better things to do than debate on social media about which news sources are true or not. Have a good day.

    • No prob dude. Have a good day as well.

    • Benjamin D Smith
      They main stream media, not CNN, are now saying that’s exactly what motivated him.

  • Rand Paul of all representatives?? When you attack the one that stands for liberty that is a seriously worrisome moment.

  • I think I would like more proof. This article has zero proof.

  • Nut bag Bernie supporter to bad he did not have his gun

  • @therealroseanne Not all Bernie Sanders people are violet

  • @therealroseanne Dear God! They are becoming wild animals.They have lost their minds & souls to the… https://t.co/eEQE9jyIOg

  • 5k bond?? that’s it!!???? wtf?

  • Vermin. It’s all in the name: DemocRAT.

  • @therealroseanne Another crazy Bernie socialist commits violence against one of our democratically elected leaders.

  • Registered Democrat.

  • Another tolerant left wing loon!

  • Bernie brings out the crazy in people

  • #StandWithRand

  • Kay

    @Exposing_thugs Lefties are so violent…full of hate, I don’t understand why? Rand is such a good… https://t.co/HYIIZtkC2f

  • @ruby58293 These freakin liberal whack jobs are a danger to society -are they all being mid control… https://t.co/SckO5XEA7G


  • Makes sense both nuttry loones

  • Shame on you for not focusing on Doctor on Doctor crime.

  • @therealroseanne not at all surprising since

  • Liberty

    This was an assasination attempt on one of the greatest American patriots …….. Bannon and Trump need to take ANTIFA and the socialists seriously. Start with Berkeley protestors and Maxine Waters and all the Hollywood celebs who made assasination threats on Trump

  • @SLindauer2011 He is a POS

  • @SLindauer2011 Obviously criminal that assaulted Rand Paul didn’t get memo from Donna Brazile that… https://t.co/rX94Nc2q4d

  • Don

    WTF? Manafort’s bond is $10 million and this dirtbag Rene Boucher’s is $5000? He attempted to murder a U.S. Senator!!

    • Axekick

      Tackling someone and breaking their ribs does not warrant an attempted murder charge Don. I’m not defending this jackass or manner in which he’s been charged. My only conclusion is there must be more to this conflict than is being reported because typically any assault on a federal employee is a felony, even a threat towards one.

  • Tom Sanford

    $5000 bond?! 12 months in jail?! Uh what kind of message are we sending here folks?! Talk about a lawless society!!! There needs to be much harsher consequences for this kind of behavior…we can’t let these idiots intimidate the only good guys we have in Washington…we already lost Chaffez!!!

  • @WolfensPride Figures!

  • @WolfensPride DEMs preach hate, violence,racism & all other “isms” they can think of to get their b… https://t.co/TxRhVtsoc6

  • @therealroseanne So typical of Bernies supporters. Violent Radical left wing socialist @SenSanders

  • @therealroseanne wow, very Shawshank, “His judment cometh…” they better rewrite that tax bill. Ar… https://t.co/rxBefSJuUU

  • Luis D. Rey

    Why ONLY 5 thousand dollars bail after what he deliberately did?
    I don’t understand this lenient judge, for God’s sake.

  • moochee22

    It was over leaves. Calm the f#ck down with the far-left-liberal-terrorist B.S. They’ve been neighbors for years, and the leaf situation boiled over.

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