President Trump Sides With Saudi Arabia, Expresses “Great Confidence” In Islamic Dictatorship

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The entrenched political regime is undergoing massive upheaval in Saudi Arabia. The Islamic dictatorship, one of the world’s worst human rights violators, has been shaken as at least 10 princes and other royals were arrested recently. This prompted President Donald Trump to voice his wholehearted support for the familiar ally of the U.S.

“I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing,” Trump said in a series of Tweets as he traveled throughout Asia. “Some of those they are harshly treating have been ‘milking’ their country for years!”

Previously, Trump helped broker a historic deal with the Saudis that will ultimately funnel $350 billion worth of weapons into the coffers of a radical Islamic dictatorship that eschews democracy and operates entirely under Sharia law. This was the largest weapons deal brokered in American history, shattering the record set by Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, by a wide margin.

“We continue to maintain strong defense ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and work together on common security priorities to include combat operations against violent extremist organizations, and neutralizing Iran’s destabilizing influence in the Middle East region,” said Marine Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway, who serves as spokesman for the Pentagon.

Trump is particularly concerned about Iran, a country that has been fighting ISIS forces throughout the Middle East for many years. Echoing common neoconservative tropes, Trump has saber-rattled against Iran belligerently. Even as the Saudis wage a bloody war in Yemen causing an immeasurable amount of blowback, Trump still believes that this radical Islamic dictatorship is a key strategic ally in the Middle East moving forward.

“It’s unsurprising that the Trump Administration is fine wit the Saudi crackdown, as anything that ensures the survival of the current government, with its bellicose position toward Iran, is doubtless to be fine with them,” foreign policy analyst Jason Ditz said at

While Trump has strayed from the neocon orthodoxy regarding Syria, he has not differed from the foreign policy status quo pertaining to the Saudis. Whether he is touching their orbs or giving them premium weapons deals, it is clear that the Trump administration is in bed with the Saudis as much as the administrations of Obama or Bush were.

  • Trump supported the Iraq war. Now he lies about it. Trump ran on the Saudis were behind 911. When do his supportes admit they were fooled?

  • Waiting for Trumpets excuses and spin

  • The best Trump can do is let Saudi Arabia and Iran duke it out without our soldiers and resources getting involved. Let these Islamic bastards kill each other.

    • So best move is to tell the Bannon RINO to tweet about bullshit and go golfing? I agree.

    • That would be preferable yes.

  • Yes let’s just spin for the reason of click bait… you are here by unfollowed, bye Felicia

    • Awwww poor little Trumpet

    • James Stephens poor little hatin snowflake.. do you need some plastic wrap for always crying about trump?

    • James Stephens you fuckers a dime a dozen… pathetic pos that need to move if they don’t like it

    • And you voted for Gary Johnson so I’ll consider the source… you keep hoping weed wins people over as a platform

    • I do? Lol nope. Im a Ron Paul guy. Freedom and liberty. Something Chump doesnt support

    • Oh? By the looks on your Facebook you look like you’re blowing Gary Johnson… anyways the libertarian party is high and dead sorry

    • Second oh really? That’s why he’s doing everything thing he can to fix everything… if you don’t think he’s doing that type of job you’re an idiot… keep smoking the weed

  • Maybe he will give Iran a nuclear sub,hell Obama gave them everything else.

  • Half truth: Trump is supporting Saudi Arabia against Iran and Turkey. Iran= #1 sponsor of radical Islamic jihadists. Turkey= ISIS protectorate.

    • See but lest we forget Trump is also supporting Saudi Arabia commit genocide in Yemen. But that’s none of my business.

    • The whole Middle East, err most of the world is full of countries that are both fighting against our enemies, and yet are also commiting crimes against humanity. At this current point in time, the U.S is making the best decison to stop our immediate threats, which is Iran, and ISIS. Hopefully, we will eventually deal with the Saudis, after we have eliminated this current threat.

  • The other side is Iran and it seems that the Saudis are beginning to liberalize.

  • the clerics run Saudi Arabia as long as the Royals play nice, they can PLAY RULER

  • yeah. great confidence that the Saudis will screw it all up and start killing each other. which is still cheaper than us having to do it…

  • I’m waiting for Trump lovers to make excuses for the orangutan on this one. Does your love for Trump trump your hate for Muslims?

  • There is no united Saudi Arabia to stand with. Pick a side.

  • As long as he’s taking down the Islamists who are spending money on the Islamic invasion of the US, I’m all for this dictator. If his purges keep me free by keeping the Islamists’ money out of our politics and putting down the 9/11 perps, then kudos to him.

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