Polling Shows That Many More States Will Legalize Marijuana In 2018

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The era of the drug war is winding down, as several states have flouted federal law by legalizing marijuana. More states are expected to join them this year, as 2018 could be the biggest year for cannabis yet.

State polling data accumulated by reporter Tom Angell of Marijuana Moment shows that four states are on the cusp of legalizing marijuana for either recreational or medicinal use in 2018. Full legalization of marijuana is on the table this year in Michigan. Ballot signatures were recently approved to put it on the November ballot, and a Michigan State University survey shows that a stunning 61 percent of voters approve of legalization.

In other states that have yet to legalize medical marijuana, they are expected to do so this year as well.

Oklahoma is considering the issue of medical marijuana during a June 26 primary election, and a poll conducted in January shows that 62 percent of voters approve of the proposal. The numbers in favor of medical marijuana are even higher in Utah, where 77 percent of voters approve of medical marijuana as the question will appear on the ballot in November.

There are three competing petitioning drives in Missouri attempting to put medical marijuana on the November ballot. State officials are currently sifting through the ballot measures to see if they qualify, but any of them are likely to succeed if they are approved. A survey conducted back in July of 2016 showed that 62 percent of voters supported medical marijuana. With support of marijuana trending upward rapidly, it would be surprising if those approval figures were not higher nearly two years later.

In addition, the national polling numbers in support of full legalization of marijuana have never been higher. According to polling conducted by Quinnipiac University, 63 percent of Americans want to end marijuana prohibition while an overwhelming majority of participants – 93 percent – support medical marijuana. These numbers improve continuously as more states legalize, sending the antiquated ‘reefer madness’ talking points of prohibition advocates up in smoke.

Even President Donald Trump sees the writing on the wall, as he recently contradicted his own Attorney General on the issue of marijuana by overruling his decision to bolster enforcement. These signs indicate that regardless of whatever the rumblings of partisan politics may bring forth, marijuana will be the huge political winner in 2018.

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