ORWELL IN ACTION: Right-Wing Media Mogul Accused Of Money Laundering, Kicked Off Payment Platform

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Charles C. Johnson rose to fame as a Trump-supporting media surrogate during Trump’s successful campaign for President in 2016, and his leftist enemies have been intent on destroying him ever since. He was banned from Twitter, maligned as a racist by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and now he is being accused of laundering money as the pretense to boot him off of Stripe, a top payment processing platform.

“I’m working on negotiating with them — even writing to the CEO and going to the media — but it doesn’t look good. Incredibly Stripe is claiming that we were money laundering. Yes, really,” Johnson wrote in a Facebook post.

Johnson – who founded GotNews.com and WeSearchr.com – claims he and his new company >FreeStartr.com followed all the rules listed in Stripe’s terms of service, and this is happening because of political bias within the organization.

“We were banned by Edwin Wee, a Democratic Party operative who now works for Stripe. I have screenshotted his Twitter accounts lavishing praise on Hillary. I recorded the phone call with Wee and he admitted that we were no platformed due to politics. They want to see exactly who are donors are and where the money goes,” he said.

Johnson also pointed out the hypocrisy of Stripe denying him service while allowing Stormy Daniels, the porn star who allegedly extorted the President out of a six-figure payout to keep a lurid affair under wraps, to have a spot on their platform.

Johnson said: “Stripe allows Stormy Daniels to raise money through a British crowdfunding platform that is advised by former Obama employees, of course. They raise money exactly the way we do but they are anti-Trumps so it’s OK.”

This is not Johnson’s first foray with the liberal power elite. Like he is doing with his lawsuit against Twitter, Johnson is ready to fight back against the digital oppression that is being used to censor conservative voices.

“I have only begun to fight and I have retained counsel. There is a concerted effort to silence and suppress free speech on the Internet. First they banned us on Twitter, then they banned us from the payment processors,” Johnson said. “I will never quit and all options are on the table.”

Johnson also published his concept of an alternative that could put payment processing services like Stripe and PayPal out of business.

“You use your credit card to make a donation to a crowd fund. That donation is automatically converted to crypto. That crypto is added to the total and fluctuates accordingly. Eventually the money is paid out to the intended target once we approve it. You have a reserve with the credit card payment company for charge backs,” he said.

Conservative and far-right figures have been increasingly de-platformed as the liberal establishment desperately devises new schemes to bottle up Donald Trump’s political movement. We will continue to follow the story as Johnson and other right-wing leaders stand up to Big Brother.

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