‘Minds’: Founder Of New, Pro-Free Speech Social Network Speaks Out

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Bill Ottman, the founder of new blockchain-based social network ‘Minds’ spoke to the The Liberty Conservative about his new project.

“Minds is an open source social networking platform that rewards you for your contributions, so, basically you earn tokens for your activity and you can use those tokens to boost your content, get more exposure, and also as a crowdfunding tool,” stated Ottman.

Ottman emphasized the “transparency” and “privacy” of his new network as distinguishing factors from its better-known competitors, including Facebook and Twitter.

“We’re helping people actually earn for their productivity, instead of getting exploited,” he continued.

He went on to stress Minds’ commitment to free speech, stating the network would not censor “as much as the law in the U.S. allows”.

“What happened with a lot of these establishment social networks was that they started free speech orientated, but then started making subjective decisions about what content was okay and not, and I think that’s pretty clear from the law.”

“There are certain grey areas – inciting violence or abuse of the site,” Ottman added. “We have banned users, but it’s been more for abusing the site for spam, not decisions on whether content is offensive or not.”

However, Minds does not intend to be political in itself, allowing it to attract a wider user base rather the more explicitly political ‘Gab’ network, which quickly turned into a right-of-center echo chamber.

“We have a huge community of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers – it’s not really all political stuff – it’s actually mostly not, but obviously people love to cover politics and the news and that’s a big audience we have,” Ottman said. “We also have a fair amount of people from the progressive side who want an interesting place where rational people on the left and right actually are able to have a mature conversations about various issues and support free speech.”

Asked why users should choose Minds, Ottman noted that “reach is being destroyed” on Facebook and Instagram.

“Their algorithm is actually restricting your posts from reaching everyone who follows you, so people are noticing their likes are going down. That’s intentional on the part of Facebook, which wants to monetize the news feed – they want to show you want they want to show you. Minds is always a pure chronological feed, so you’ll always reach 100% of the people that you’re connected with, and the reward system allows you to, based on your activity, earn more exposure and boost your posts for more views.”

“What happened to Myspace will happen again,” he concluded. “It’s just a matter of whether the next networks will be supportive of internet freedom.”

You can follow Bill Ottman on Minds at @Ottman.

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  1. Minds is great. I personally use it a lot and enjoy it about as much as I do Diaspora. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, I think Minds is really starting to challenge Facebook as a company. I hope that they do well in the future and stay true to their original ethos of transparency and free speech.

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