Mike Lee Stands Firm Against Gun Control As Rand Paul Wavers After Las Vegas Shooting

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In the wake of a Las Vegas massacre that is being called the deadliest mass shooting in American history, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has indicated that he would “look at” banning bump stocks which were reportedly used by the gunman on Sunday to commit his attack.

“We’re looking at that too. I wasn’t familiar with them until this came up. So we’re looking at that and studying the issue,” Paul said as he was questioned by a reporter regarding the possibility of passing Congressional legislation banning bump stocks. “It’s a terrible tragedy, and we should look at it.”

“Bump stocks” are accessories added onto semi-automatic rifles in order to simulate the firing style of an automatic weapon. They were found on weapons allegedly used by Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock to kill 60 people and wound hundreds more at a country music festival. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has even capitulated and come out in favor of additional gun control, but Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is skeptical that new rules and regulations regarding bump stocks are necessary.

“There are myriad laws that prohibit him from doing what he did. I would ask: What law would have prevented it?” Lee said, posing a question to gun control proponents.

Lee warned Congress not to rush headlong into creating new laws before knowing all of the facts of exactly what happened. He urges caution as passions run high following the carnage at Mandalay Bay.

“I think there are deep cultural problems that sometimes can cause this kind of behavior and result in it. Those are more difficult to address than a simple change to the law, but it’s not the change in the law that is going to protect us from people doing bad things,” Lee said during an appearance on the “Michael in the Morning” podcast.

With the Republicans controlling the House, the Senate and the Presidency, it would be nothing short of a devastating betrayal if a gun control bill was passed and signed into law before Obamacare repeal or a tax cut.


  • Headline is rather misleading.

  • Mike Lee is the ideolohical godfather of the liberty movement.

    We need to give him more status.

    • No, Ron Paul is. Rand is the successor. Even if Lee was better on a single issue or two, The Pauls are way better overall

  • Rand Paul is not for Republicans

  • Mmm.. kinda grey area..

  • Two or three won’t matter if the rest of the party decides to stab their voters in their back again.

  • Rand Paul never waivers on anything he stands for and isnt gonna start now with the 2A. I call bullshit.

    • Did you read the article? It certainly sounded like Rand was wavering to me. I’d like to ask him what part of Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the authority to regulate firearms at all. Ron certainly wouldn’t have entertained the idea of voting for this nonsense.

    • Dont need to read its bull shit. Don’t believe erythang u read. He’ll continue to vote no on gun control as he always has.

    • Looking at something isnt the samething as waivering. Brett lies

    • Exactly. They put bs like that to get people to click on it. Click bait n I ain’t buying it. I check the votes when they happen and havent been surprised yet.

    • I mean he recently got shot at by a psycho. Maybe that shook his principles a little bit. I hope not

  • Say it ain’t so Rand

  • Looking at an issue isnt the same thing as waivering. Misleading headline

  • That is because Mike Lee is a conservative and Rand isn’t.

  • Better not waver spineless clown.

  • VERY misleading headline. He said he’d look at the issue. Bump stocks are pretty controversial within the avid gun community. It’s certainly worth looking into, although we know it wouldn’t have prevented this terrible incident. But don’t equate it to him wanting to limit mag capacity or the like. Not even close.

    We’re lucky to have BOTH Rand Paul and Mike Lee in congress, defending our rights.

    You guys are losing my respect.

  • Love Mike Lee! What he sad was on point!

  • Surprised

  • Rand is wishy Washy On Every thing He should Retire !!!!

  • What?

  • I don’t really see the big deal with restricting bumper stocks, automatics have been banned since 1936, the bumper stocks is just a loophole. Same is true for universal background checks, we already have them, just apply it the same across the board, no loopholes. Generally though, I’m against adding entirely new gun control laws especially if they flat out ban a gun.

    • DukeofAnarchy .

      The ban on automatics should be repealed and the same goes for background checks.

  • quest2quest

    I want to know what meds that guy in Vargas was taking

  • How about instead regulating my rights! Let’s use commonsense! Accountability works great ,seize all assets n disperse to the innocent people he ingered. Bet that shit works the criminal looses everything he owns n it given to the ones he injure or killed.

  • He is only examining the issue. He is not jumping on either side without knowledge. He wants to make an educated decision. That is why us Rand Paul supporters love him.

  • Joel W

    With any luck, Rand will literally be only ‘looking’ into the issue. If he caves, that will be a damn shame. So few in Congress that actually follow the oath they swore to.

  • Rand paul needs a weegee

  • Rand, three are all kind of laws. New legislation is designed to take guns from innocent people who want to protect themselves and family and neighbors. Don’t fall into the liberal mindset that we need to abandon the constitution because the terrorists want us to give them up.

  • I call bull shit

  • Holy crap i got a ton of spammy pop ups on my phone say “your phone is infected and browser damaged, if you close this window will be blocked”

    If that keeps up, I’m gunna stop visiting LC

  • Fake news. Bump stocks are not related to gun control.

  • Breaking: Liberty Conservative attempts yet another hit piece on Rand Paul.

  • Observer

    I agree with Shane Trejo. The comment made by Senator Rand Paul was typical mushy political no-speak, unworthy of a man who seeks to be a principled, unwavering defender of Liberty. I have often been impressed with Senator Paul answering important political questions with a reminder of an important, applicable constitutional tenet. Senator Paul should keep his bearings or keep his mouth shut.


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