Mike Lee: “I Turned Out To Be Wrong” About Trump, “Keep It Coming”

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Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) admitted he made a mistake in opposing Trump’s 2016 presidential bid during a Tuesday Q&A session at the Young America’s Foundation National Conservative Student Conference.

Asked whether Lee had received backlash from the Republican Party as a result of his past opposition to Trump, he stated, “I took a position at the time that was taking place because I had certain ideas about whether he could get elected – I didn’t think he could.”

“I turned out to be wrong,” he continued.

“In so far as he fights to restore constitutionally limited government, I will be there with him every step of the way, helping him,” Lee said. “I’ve told him that all along, and that’s what we need to remain focused on.”

Lee went on to stress his personal rapport with the President, adding, “I talk to the President fairly regularly, including just within the last few days.”

The Utah Senator maintained that he was impressed by Trump’s performance so far, stating, “I took great comfort and courage in things he started saying right off the bat,” and noting the President’s inaugural speech “really stirred” him and gave him “great confidence for our future.”

Lee stated that “so far”,  Trump has been “transferring power from Washington, D.C. back to the American people,” and that he hopes the President will “keep it coming.”

The conciliatory attitude taken by Lee marks a sharp contrast with that of some of his colleagues who were also involved in 2016’s failed ‘Never Trump’ effort. Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) and Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) have continued to take potshots at Trump on social media, while Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) released an entire book in condemnation of the President. All three men are reportedly mulling challenging Trump for the presidency in the 2020.

  • You fake ass lying actor seminar traitors never were Trump supporters. This trick was tried failed back in the 90s. Designed specifically to demoralize the base, which by the way,,, keeps growing thanks to dishonest morons who seem to be running out if ideas!

    • What the hell are you talking about? What trick?

    • Sorry, I got this crossed with another story

    • Guess I need to slow down

    • All aboard the Trump train!

    • Yes!

    • Thanks Roger, I was referring to, as you well know, about the seminar caller plot back in the 90s, when they would have Dems call certain conservative talk shows and falsely declair that they were once Republicans, but now, after republican views on particular issues, they we’re switching to the Dem party,,,,,OH YEAH RIGHT. NOTHING BUT “GAS LIGHTING” TACTICS.

    • But was somehow deverted to the wrong sight for some stange reason.

  • Didnt trump just last week make sanctions against a country and blatantly say “this is unconstitutional what I’m doing”

    • Nope, he said the bill Congress sent him with veto-proof support was unconstitutional. You should read the statement, it’s very clearly directed at Congress.

    • Dan is right. If it was not gonna be over turned he would have told congress to go fuck themselves

    • It’s principle! As the leader of the free world my name
      Would never be signed onto unconstitutional legislation. NEVER

    • Amber, I get where you are coming from, but if you were sitting in the oval office, faced with the same decision Trump faced, you may have made the same decision he did. I would like to think I would have made them over-ride my veto, but having paid attention to many past presidents actions, Trump seems to have followed their path.

  • If you are Not with Trump you are obviously Anti American!

  • Amber Nicole Johnson —
    In response to your statement — ‘No.’

    By the way, do you work for CNN?

  • From a guy who stood against Trump on healthcare. #StsndwithRand

  • I agree Cool post ?

  • Anything related to Constitution is very important

  • Assuming that one person can make everything better and, to do this expeditiously, is approaching the zenith of entitlement in this narcissistic landscape. Overall, Donald Trump has done reasonably well, much better than any predecessors ranging back multiple decades. The guy, per my ongoing analysis, with key allies, etc, is actually trying, and not for the exclusive will and benefit of an ideological, criminal elite.

  • Why are conservatives still so obsessed with defending a big-government populist? #NeverTrump

  • Hardly a “ring kissing” admission, damn sure not an endorsement I am sure the Trumpanzees are interpreting this as. All he said was; “I had certain ideas about whether he could get elected – I didn’t think he could.” and…. “I turned out to be wrong,”

    He followed that with his vocal support to “return to constitutionality and would help Trump with that goal…” Which is where it all falls apart now doesn’t it!

  • “When Donald Trump ordered US soldiers into Syria it made my leg tremble. It’s a real life Republican love affair (no homo). Constituuuuuuuuuuuuution! (just kidding)” – Senator Mike Lee

  • I was wrong about him, also.

  • The headline is fake news. Lee only said he was wrong that Trump was unelectable. He never suggested he supports the Trump agenda.

    • Wrong. ‘Lee stated that “so far”, Trump has been “transferring power from Washington, D.C. back to the American people,” and that he hopes the President will “keep it coming.”’

  • Yeah, backing obviously ineligible Lying Ted was a mistake wasn’t it?

  • People should take the example of what happened when Ronald Reagan deregulated the oil industry in his first days in office. The gas prices at the pump went up from 1974 to 1980 from 25 cents a gallon to $1.50, 6 times the price in six years. President Jimmy Carter and a majority Democratic Congress and a Democrat Senate slapped on a “Windfall Profits Tax” for the “Oil Industry” like whoever thinks to target one individual person or sector of America for a tax. The price went up not down. Inflation in the 1970s went up, up, up! One figure I saw in 1980 when Reagan came to town was 14.4 percent inflation. The mortgage rates were at their highest. So you see Carter lost the election. . . Well, The Republicans removed the “Windfall Profits Tax” and how the Democrats yelled, “The Oil Industry will jack up the prices and rob the American people!” Ronald Reagan championed the free enterprise principle and extolled a free economy. Without restraints the fuel at the gas pump came down in price. In a year it dropped from $1.50 to 90 cents a gallon. Check me on this. In 1981 our inflation rate dropped to 4% and has remained down now steadily over 35 years. In 1980 I earned $10,000, a modest amount. Count it out, !4% inflation took out of my pocket $1,400 after one year. Correct me if I am wrong. The next year at 4% inflation, and a pay raise I got, I saved a cool $1,000 from lower inflation. I prefer to think so. But wait, in ten years I was up to $20,000 annual income. Inflation was still that low. So ask a machination if President Ronald Reagan and these policies saved me, a young dad, more than a thousand a year, honestly compounded, much more than $10,000 total. I would not have survived. The critics bemoaned President Reagan for helping the rich and hurting the poor. Democrats favored the inflation spiral to buy their spending and supposedly pay it back with inflated money, push taxpayers into higher graduated tax brackets and higher taxes and depressed the poor and elderly retired citizens who never could keep up. Praise God for America.

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