Louie Gohmert: It Is Time For Arizona To Recall John McCain

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Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is concerned about the failing health of his colleague, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Once celebrated as one of America’s greatest war heroes, McCain’s faculties have been visibly slipping away from him in recent years, and he has gone from being a symbol of national pride to an embarrassing laughingstock.

Ever since his diagnosis with likely terminal brain cancer, McCain’s erratic behavior has worsened, and he has allied with America-hating Democrats on nearly every key vote. Gohmert, a House Freedom Caucus member, believes that it may be time for the people of Arizona to step in and save McCain before he does even more damage to himself and the country he once served so valiently.

“You know, nothing inhibits recovery from cancer like stress. I think that Arizona could help him and us. Recall him, let him, you know, fight successfully this terrible cancer. And let’s get somebody in here who will keep the word he gave last year,” Gohmert said to “Fox & Friends.”

Gohmert endorsed McCain’s opponent, former state senator Kelli Ward, during a heated GOP primary race last year. The people of Arizona took McCain at his word, and believed him when he said he would vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and other liberal policies put into place by Obama. Now that he has betrayed the voters, Gohmert thinks its time for them to put McCain’s Senate career to an end.

“It’s a tough battle, but stress is a real inhibitor toward getting over cancer. So let him go back, deal with the cancer. Let Arizona recall him so that we can get somebody that will keep his word from last year,” Gohmert said.

Arizona has become ground zero of sorts of the populist revolution taking place within the GOP. McCain and his ally, Sen. Jeff Flake have been two of President Trump’s most consistent adversaries within the Republican Party. Opponents are already throwing their hat in the ring to send Flake packing during his primary election next year, as his approval ratings trend downward at breakneck speed.

After years of tolerating substandard representation from their public servants, the Arizona swamp may finally be getting drained.

  • After all this time. After all the silliness he put us through, when he’s on deaths’ door, NOW you want to recall him???

  • Maybe Gohmert shoud move to AZ so someone might give a shit what he says.

  • CarlG

    Louie Gohmert ? Never heard of him. Is he on the Walking Dead?

    • CharlesSWVA

      Never heard of him? That sure puts you among the Walking Dead.

      • buffdawg1

        all libs are

  • Arizona should have never elected John McCain in the first place. Dr. Kelli Ward was the better, more conservative candidate in that race.

    • buffdawg1

      their primary system in AZ is dicked up, dems can cross over in the primary to vote

  • Steven Kendrick

    John McCain was no war Hero …Bullshit ! when he was a P.O.W. he gave up info on American Flight Ops . Richard Nixon had to pardon Him …he was a Coward and a Traitor …..and should have been court martialed

    • buffdawg1

      and when a senator stopped the move to find missing POWs….I had a good friend Red McDaniel who said most of the POWs hated his guts

  • CharlesSWVA

    Sorry about that Gomer, but AR can’t recall him. The Senate can expel him and with much grief-moaning and whining should. He is obviously suffering from mental capacity problems.

    • buffdawg1


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