Libertarian Party Membership Numbers Take Nose Dive Under Sarwark’s Abysmal Leadership

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Libertarian Party chairman Nicholas Sarwark has spent the better part of the past year alienating anyone to the right of Elizabeth Warren, and the results of his leadership style are officially in. Membership totals under Sarwark are abysmal, posting a year-to-year drop of 24 percent from 2016. Their membership of 18,908 dwindled to a mere 14,321 in only a year’s time.

According to a Reason Magazine report, 2000 individuals turned their backs on the party in August alone while only 300 new members signed up. The spin machine is already in high gear, as incompetent and hapless party hacks make more excuses for their many failures.

“There’s always an issue with expectation management. If you tell people that you aren’t going to win, then they might not want to get involved at all… But if you say you are going to win this year, many involved may well end up disappointed after Election Day,” LP executive director Wes Benedict said, unintentionally illustrating the complete and utter futility of Libertarian activism with his comments.

Additionally, Benedict reported that the use of Gary Johnson’s campaign donor list yielded very poor results in recruiting more dues-paying members. The LP mailed more than 100,000 letters to former donors of Johnson’s failed 2016 Presidential campaign, and fewer than one percent of recipients responded effectively.

With Sarwark going out of his way to brand Tom Woods and other prominent libertarians as racists and LP Vice Chair Arvin Vohra publicly accusing all military personnel of being terrorist killers, it could not be more clear why self-respecting libertarians are leaving the party in droves.

Those who felt that the LP couldn’t embarrass themselves further after last year’s antics of Gary “What is Aleppo?” Johnson and the hefty convention streaker, James Weeks, were fooling themselves. The LP still has quite a ways to fall before the dismal party mercifully goes defunct.

  • @nickwaye I think he wants to purge the ancaps and others

  • Memberships=money. This is a double wammy, because it means LP fundraisig has also taken at least a 5 figue hit.

  • tz1

    People have lost interest in the party of principle.
    The Free State Project managed to get 20,000, more than the LP.

  • Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are to blame as well.

    • And the Muslim 2

    • They’re more libertarian than Rand

      • That is the measure we should take? More libertarian that Rand Paul? All three of them fall short when compared to Marc Allan Feldman.

    • Bill Weld is for gun control and Gary Johnson is a “bake the cake” SJW.

      Meanwhile, Rand Paul is getting votes on audit the fed, stopping wars, lowering taxes, cut wasteful spending, etc.

      Rand Paul is without a doubt more libertarian than these two.

    • They support those policies too

    • Rand is no more libertarian. He refuses to confront the Civil Rights Act.

  • Elliot Axelman

  • The LP sucks

    • Sure, but Nicholas Sarwark is well to the right of Paul, much less Warren

  • What evidence do you have of this?

  • Liberaltarian Party…went to crap after Ron Paul’s last run in 2012 and has weakened and worsened ever since.

    • Ron Paul ran for the Repuke nomination in 2012, you stupid twat.

    • Dennis Jacques No duh you big tough guy. Stop talking so mean…you are frightening me. lol

      Maybe I can meet you one day and you can teach me a lesson you single and chubby ole cuck you.

  • This is highly misleading. “Membership” spikes during presidential election years.
    What matters is party enrollment.
    Membership is about paying dues to the national organization. I care more about grass roots state and local growth.

    • Eh, numbers are numbers. You have a point but the numbers represent what the numbers represent.

  • It will rebound. I’m a dues paying Sarwark-Johnson Libertarian and I approved this message!

    • Maybe if they quit focusing on satanism, abortion, and trannies they’d stand a chance.

      • There are 365 days in the year and if the LP and its staff and volunteers happen to refer to the Church of Satan once is that the end of the world (and the party to boot)? I’d like to see more of a focus on anti-war but there are many hours in the day and if I want to promote the libertarian position (peace being preferable) there is nothing stopping me from doing so.

      • DukeofAnarchy .

        No! More satanism is just what they – I mean we – need! “Legalize sacrificing babies to Moloch” should be the LP’s new slogan.

    • Chad Next time, when the Q-tip meets resistance, stop pushing.

    • Tell that to Gary and maybe he’ll know what Aleppo is.

  • Libertarian Policy…Hey I’m OK, you’re OK. Sounds like a bunch of hippies from Haight Ashbury during the 70s.

  • Alt Right > LP.

    That’s why LP membership is declining.

    • DukeofAnarchy .

      The Alt Right is more libertarian than the LP at this point.

  • DukeofAnarchy .

    Sarwark is doing a GREAT job. Stick with Nick!

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