Koch Brothers Will Spend Big Money In 2018 To Defeat Trumpism

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The Koch Brothers – David and Charles – are two of the richest and most powerful funders in the Republican Party fold. Demonized by the liberal media as the masterminds behind the ‘tea party’ uprising, the Koch’s have been reticent to embrace the rise of Donald Trump, whose policies against ‘free trade’ and open immigration hurt the bottom line of the billionaire megadonors.

That is in part why the Kochs are shifting to the left in the age of Trump, and will put their money in the mid-term elections toward curtailing Trump’s agenda.

“The various Koch outfits – Cato, the Mercatus Center, Freedomworks, Concerned Veterans of America, Americans for Prosperity – have been vigorously denouncing the “trade wars are good” line of the administration, and with the network spending as much as $400 million in the 2018 election year cycle, they pose a considerable threat to the Trumpified GOP,” wrote Justin Raimondo, a long-time libertarian activist and reporter, who mentioned that Charles Koch is jettisoning the libertarian label and referring to himself as a ‘classical liberal.’

The Koch Network is now open to working with the Democratic Party directly on issues of cooperation like open borders. They are promoting a speaker series with the United Negro College Fund. Raimondo explained that this shift began after the Koch network spent $120 million to unseat President Obama in 2012, and failed miserably.

“They set up groups like LIBRE, which does outreach to the burgeoning Latino population, started talking about the depredations of the police in the black community, and stepped up their charitable giving: yet none of this had any measurable effect on their public image in the media. Liberals still hated them,” Raimondo explained.

Although the left may still harbor ill will toward them, the Koch brothers clearly have common ground with them these days. It is hard to believe that just four years ago, they were the liberals’ bogeymen threatening to pervert democracy and rip up the fabric of the nation. Now it’s Trump and the Russians who have assumed that role, and the Koch’s have flipped completely – as the political world turns.

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  1. False. Charles Koch Institute has been pushing for #CriminalJusticeReform and #CivilAssetForfeiture in regards to public policy. If that’s defeating #Trumpism then sign me up.

    Looks like The Liberty Conservative is nothing more than a #TrumpanzeeRag.

  2. Now that is just like the Krotch Brothers, They have been dishing it out for so long. Let them get just one little taste of their own medicine and they start whining in the high C’s.

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