Kid Rock Emerges As Senate Favorite, Tops Democratic Opponent In Early Poll

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When Kid Rock (real name Robert Ritchie) announced his run for Senate earlier this month, most people dismissed it as a joke or a publicity stunt to promote an upcoming album. After making it clear that he was absolutely in it to win it, Kid Rock now tops incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) in the polls.

Polling firm Delphi Analytica questioned 668 Michigan residents between July 14 and 18 about the potential Senate race. Their results showed that 30 percent of Michigan residents would prefer Kid Rock while 26 percent of Michigan residents would prefer Stabenow in a head-to-head showdown. The largest number, 44 percent, remain undecided.

“Michigan, once part of the Democrats vaunted “Blue Wall” is suddenly a battleground where Democrats and Republicans are now fighting for blue collar voters. This became a central theme during the 2016 election season, where Donald Trump won over the white working class vote,” Delphi Analytica wrote in their summary of the results.

“The question now is whether that support will rub off onto other Republicans candidates in the 2018 midterm elections. Robert Ritchie looks to capitalize on this fervor and promote his brand with song lyrics that appeal to these same Michigan voters, despite never having held any political office.”

While these results are certainly preliminary and do not indicate that Kid Rock will be Senator next year, they certainly indicate that the political landscape has been blown to pieces because of Trump’s ascent. The impossible is now possible, and political insiders in the state of Michigan are taking note of Kid Rock’s viability as a candidate.

“Presuming Kid Rock doesn’t get caught in bed with a little boy, or beat up a woman between now and August 2018, he’s going to win the nomination if he gets in,” veteran Michigan Republican Party consultant Dennis Lennox said to Politico. “I think there’s no question about that. I think he’s the prohibitive favorite if he gets in.”

“He’s well-liked in Michigan. He’s a hometown darling. He’s got deep connections to Detroit. He’s done a lot throughout the state,” former Michigan Republican Party chairman Saul Anuzis said. “Anybody who’s writing him off is making a mistake.”

Kid Rock is already busy on Twitter following the Trump’s victory blueprint. Last week, he published a photo of his meal (a burger and a legendary Detroit-brewed beer) on Twitter. He asked his followers, “What do you think Schumer is spoon-feeding Stabenow tonight?”

The 2018 political races will be unlike anything America has ever seen, especially in Michigan.

  • So is his name going to show up as “Kid Rock” on the ballot, or will he use his actual name?

    • We can only hope that “Kid Rock” will show up on the ballot.

  • you are so high on drugs you aren’t conscious.

  • I’ll seriously cry tears of joy if he wins.

  • Chris Hall

    • I’m not even going to try and understand what’s happening anymore

  • “I am an American badass,” blasted over the sound system every time he enters the Senate.

  • Pfft kid Rock is a damn Democrat lol

    This electorate is by far the stupidest in history

    • Tfw you’re a Democrat because you aren’t out of touch

    • Yes he is and it’s because he out of touch lol.

      He’s just another Democrat that made a bunch of money and now he’s sick of the government screwing him out of it.


    • So – ritchie loves god, family, and guns. He doesn’t want government involved in your life. He doesn’t think you should take peoples guns away.

      Is it just that he has a history? I don’t see his position as hypocritical at all.

    • He is pro abortion, lgbt, and trans rights. Wonder what God says about that Scott Fanetti lolol.

    • He’s a life-long Republican, and has been supporting the GOP in Michigan for many years. You’re wrong and you’re lying, Chad.

    • It his words lol not mine! Do minimal research like actually open my link lol Cultist are pathetic.

    • No, you are wrong. You don’t know what you are talking about. You’ve embarrassed yourself.

      And you’re too much of a boneheaded simpleton to even realize it.

    • He’s done multiple interview for magazines and explained that he is pro choice, pro LGBT, and pro trans rights go read and come back lol.

    • Are you illiterate Shane G Trejo? Can you read the second paragraph of the article/interview I shared lol?

    • so did Trump. Who gives a shit?

    • This man is your GOP President:

    • You don’t lolol because you are a Cultist who cannot think for himself.

      Trump is a giant failure to this point as well.

    • Yep not Republican and certainly not conservative….neither of those two loser are.

    • I just don’t want the liberals to win elections because of the terrible advice and strategy of blithering idiots like you.

    • Lol he is a liberal on EVERY social issue! You will have a liberal in Michigan either way and you will be too low info to realize it.

      It’s embarrassing lol.

    • Shane G Trejo what do you think about Mitch McConnell?

    • I don’t give two shits about his stances on social issues. They are irrelevant. I’d rather win with Kid Rock than lose with “generic pro-life dud candidate” like we have over and over again.

      Mitch McConnell is one of the pro-life, social conservatives who people like you have supported over the years.

    • You’re right though I do support the ones who are actually socially conservative and aren’t into murdering babies and funding baby chop shops like planned Parenthood.

    • Wow, McConnell is your model rep. Look at how in tune he is with you on the issues:

    • He’s obviously Trump and Rand Pauls type of guy.

      They keep getting him reelected after all.

    • Mitch says a ton of things he never followed through on. A lot like Trump.

    • Thanks to “socially conservative” voters for putting their man Mitch McConnell in there to fight on their behalf. Well done, Chad! –

  • I would vote for him over Faux Pocahontas any day.

  • Yes this is rediculous. Its right to run. But please, for the love of this country, find a constitutional conservative to elect.

  • The early polls say he is ahead. Let’s hope it is a reality in 2018, Michigan you can make this happen. Senator kid rock

  • He is still going to need a new stage dwarf to pull this off

    • Joe C was not a stage dwarf. He was an early fan that had a terminal disease. Ritchie took him on and gave him a job – made him famous and gave him a hell of a life. He is not the kind of person that uses people.

    • The point is Joe C made Kid Rock ten times more popular and got them on the Simpsons

  • And please, please don’t change how you look!!!! I want to be there the first time he walks in!!

  • Al Frankin did it so there are no standards. What is not realized is the level of distain for the other party and if the gets them all worked up that generates so much support. The past 8 years of socialism and social transformation really affected many people in negative ways.,

  • Anthony Puca

  • You are going to see alot of whats left of the liberal politicians getting voted out if they dont cut the shit and start working with the Trump administration .. They are not winning any fans road blocking shit with anyone but the same dip shits who would already vote them only because they are democrat …

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