Judge Roy Moore: It’s The Last Chance For Patriots To Stop Voter Fraud In Alabama!

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While many have already closed the door on the contentious special election in Alabama that took place earlier this month, Judge Roy Moore is not giving up.

The consummate fighter, Judge Moore refuses to admit defeat. Due to possible voter irregularities and other mischief related to the result of this brutal election, he just may have a point.

Moore has launched his “Election Integrity Program” to make sure that all “reports of potential voter fraud and various other irregularities” that are “streaming in from all across the state” are properly investigated. He claims that “campaign staff and volunteers are chasing down and investigating each and every report the moment they’re received” but this “slow and laborious process” will take a great deal of time and resources.

Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, reported astronomically high voter totals in urban and black areas throughout Alabama. In certain areas, Jones received more votes than Barack Hussein Obama did in 2012. This was largely attributed to a get out the vote effort from former basketball player Charles Barkley, but shocking circumstances occurring the day of the election cast severe doubt over this story.

In a bizarre final-hour court hearing, the Alabama supreme court ruled that digital voting records could be destroyed, reversing a lower court ruling issued earlier int he day. Although the paper ballots are still apparently intact for a recount, this ruling could impact Judge Moore’s efforts at transparency.

Priscilla Duncan, a lawyer representing the four plantiffs who sued in an attempt to keep the electronic voting records intact, said, “These machines are hack-able … That’s what worried us.”

Hacked machines or not, Judge Moore continues his fight. He believes that electoral integrity throughout America is at stake, and refuses to believe that the good people of Alabama elected a baby-killing federal attorney over himself to represent the Heart of Dixie.

“The integrity of this election — and future elections — is hanging in the balance,” Judge Moore said in an e-mail outreach to his supporters. “I must be able to count on your support to help ensure no stone is left unturned.”

Judge Moore hopes to raise a total of $75,000 by Dec. 27 at Midnight. He has already raised $72,630 of that total. The link to donate to Judge Moore’s Electoral Integrity Fund can be found here.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    Grifters gotta grift.

  • oh geeze. He lost. He needs to get over it. Nobody wanted him, He is a religious nut job who based his rulings on the bible and not the constitution

    • Ok?

    • Sick burn, brah.

    • James you ignorant slut , our constitution is based on the Bible , read them both and learn !

    • Actually Matthew Surenko, our laws are based on several historic allegorical figures all throughout history pictured above the Supreme Court of the United States, you ignorant slut.

    • Matthew lies

    • I do lie all the time.

      Courtroom friezes: The South Wall Frieze includes figures of lawgivers from the ancient world and includes Menes, Hammurabi, Moses, Solomon, Lycurgus, Solon, Draco, Confucius, and Augustus. The North Wall Frieze shows lawgivers from the Middle Ages on and includes representations of Justinian, Muhammad, Charlemagne, John, King of England, Louis IX of France, Hugo Grotius, Sir William Blackstone, John Marshall, and Napoleon. The Moses frieze depicts him holding the Ten Commandments, although only commandments six through ten, usually considered the more secular commands, are visible.

    • Brian Solomon Sick burn you knuckle-dragging troglodyte.
      Try using big boy words if you’re going to try to debate someone.

    • Well you seem delightful, Matthew Surenko.
      The bible is not law. You don’t get to use the bible to convict people of crimes. That constitution you’ve clearly neglected to read says the government cannot create a state religion.
      Furthermore, the bible doesn’t tell you to use the government to enforce morality, it calls on you to do that.

    • to a libertarian, courage is the ultimate sin

  • Don’t go away mad Roy. Just go away.

  • Oh, he big mad.

  • David J. Ingraham

    Due to the fact that the results of the election have not yet been determined and the possibility of a recount would be necessary then these ballots should remain available for such determination.

  • Larry

    Have you ever heard of anyone cremating a body before an autopsy could be performed?
    Voter fraud in Alabama is a way of life – especially in the “urban” areas.
    No one dares question the practice for fear of being called a racist.

    It is just like all the sexual harassment allegations that have haunted Hollywood for decades.
    It was just as rampant in the 60’s as it is now.
    What did it take to finally get the nation’s attention?

    Look at Catholic priest pedophilia – how long have the allegations been flying?
    What did it finally take before people began to believe?

    How about the lone gunman theory in the JFK assassination?
    What did it take?

    What will it take to stop the voter fraud in Alabama?

  • You morons think that voter fraud isn’t practiced on a large scale by the socialist democrats? You’re the dumbasses.

    • Are you saying that Voter ID laws don’t work? Because we have the most stringent voter requirements.

  • latinababe


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