Judge Roy Moore Clears The Air Following Vicious Fake News Smear

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In a disgusting but not unexpected display of dirty tricks, four women have come forward to lob unsubstantiated charges of sexual impropriety against Judge Roy Moore in the days leading up to the Alabama U.S. Senate primary election.

Moore, a staunch Christian conservative who handily beat his establishment opponent Luther Strange in a primary back in September, was accused today by four women of sexual misconduct in a Washington Post report, with one accusation coming from a woman who claims she was 14 years of age at the time Moore allegedly accosted her.

Moore has come out with a full-barreled denunciation of these accusations, which he calls “the most vicious and nasty round of attacks” that he has ever faced.

“We are are in the midst of a spiritual battle with those who want to silence our message. The forces of evil will lie, cheat, steal –– even inflict physical harm –– if they believe it will silence and shut up Christian conservatives like you and me,” Moore said in a post released on his official Facebook account.

Moore’s campaign issued a press release offering additional ammunition against the smear merchants desperately trying to sink his meteoric campaign.

“The Judge has been married to Kayla for nearly 33 years, has 4 children, and 5 grandchildren,” Moore campaign chair Bill Armistead said. “He has been a candidate in four hotly-contested statewide political contests, twice as a gubernatorial candidate and twice as a candidate for chief justice. He has been a three-time candidate for local office, and he has been a national figure in two ground-breaking, judicial fights over religious liberty and traditional marriage. After over 40 years of public service, if any of these allegations were true, they would have been made public long before now.”

However, Moore’s speedy denunciation of the attacks did not stop the Republican Party establishment from throwing him under the bus anyway. Republican congressional leaders, still embittered that Moore shallacked their hand-picked opponent in a primary earlier this year, are attempting to use this hoax to pressure Moore into resigning, a move that would all but ensure a Democratic senator from the state of Alabama.

“The allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore are deeply troubling,” said Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), who serves as the National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman. “If these allegations are found to be true, Roy Moore must drop out of the Alabama special Senate election.”

“The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said in a press release. “He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of.”

As they did last year when they desperately tried to throw President Trump under the bus a month before the election so establishment globalist insider Hillary Clinton could assume the presidency, the entire political establishment is uniting to attempt the same underhanded tactics on Judge Roy Moore. Unfortunately for these devious interests, Moore isn’t the type to roll over in the face of serious adversity. He is not backing down one inch.

“Judge Roy Moore is winning with a double-digit lead. So it is no surprise, with just over four weeks remaining, in a race for the U.S. Senate with national implications, that the Democratic Party and the country’s most liberal newspaper would come up with a fabrication of this kind,” Armistead said. “This garbage is the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation.”

The special election will take place to decide the next U.S. Senator from the state of Alabama on Dec. 12.

  • I don’t understand how anyone thinks this guy is libertarian in the first place. Just another authoritarian statist.

    • Nobody said he was Libertarian

    • Rand stands with Judge Moore and so do we!

    • Um lots of people here do, including this very page…

    • Roy Moore is the Anti-Establishment candidate.

    • ^proof?

    • Oren Waknine he is in a Ted Cruz level meaning he is compare to the average Republican Senator

    • I rather have Roy Moore than Jeff Flake.

    • Rand isn’t a libertarian either. He has said this.

    • Roy Moore makes his decisions based on the Bible not the constitution.

    • Roy Moore says homosexuality should be illegal and that Rep. Keith Ellison should be prohibited ‘from taking the congressional oath’ because he’s a Muslim. What part of this is libertarian?

    • I am a Christian AND libertarian and Roy Moore isn’t a libertarian.

      Not even close.

    • Personal choice like murdering a baby in the womb ? That baby inside the mother is a separate human being. It is NOT the woman’s body !!

    • No personal choice like being gay, wanting religious freedom, on top of constitutional rights he doesn’t care about if it gets in the way of what he thinks the Bible tells you. Someone who governs with the bible instead of the constitution is a dangerous Person

    • The bible created the constitution

    • Actually Josh it was modeled after the Magna Carter not the Bible at all. And they took specific care to separate the church from state, even though they were all religious majority felt religion had no place in governing. A simple google search and you can read plenty of quotes directly from our founding fathers in regards to this.

    • God created three insitituion which were the Church, State, and Family.

    • In your opinion… what does that have to do with governing from the Bible over the constitution or the law?

    • Scared of losing your entitlements, moocher!

  • Keep fighting! God is on your side.

  • Come on, the guy doesn’t have 1 accuser, he’s got 4. He’s nothing but an egotistical attention seeker who wants to sell books. Apparently, he wanted something else when he was younger.

    • “lets throw in the towel because of the fake news report” – cuckservatives nationwide

    • Maybe Anthony Weiner can write Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate and share their sexual exploitations of young girls.

    • And three of the four accusers were above the age of consent.

    • 4 just jumped up out of a rabbit hole? Yes they did.

    • The 14-year old girl was pretty traumatized from touching his penis. The other girls were barely legal.

    • That’s slander .

    • That’s slander .

    • What is fake about these stories, Shane?

  • Rick_Watcher

    God’s Word tells us, “Evil men will was worse and worse. Deceiving and being deceived.” And there many of them on the left and a lot on the right. I do not believe Mr. Moore is one of them. We must put godly me and women back into the government.

  • Excellent post Shane.. This happened nearly 40yrs ago.. Come.on . the libtards and their Republicrat buddies can’t handle another Constitutional Conservative.

    • If he was constitutional he wouldn’t run on a Christian platform due to the separation of church and state….

    • His accuser is a Trump voter.

    • Where have they been in his last 6 elections.. I’m sure they are being paid well by the Demlicans to pull this BS off.. The first claim supposedly happened almost 40yrs ago.. This is total BS..

    • I guess you all prefer the Democrats for a win.. your definitely on the wrong post.

    • I don’t even think it did happen look at the accusers that is all you need to know FAKE NEWS!

    • If his accuser is a supposed Trump supporter prove it.. why didn’t she come forward decades ago..prove it . give me a break this is a crock of crap..

    • What happened to innocent until proven guilty..

    • Democrats and Republicans suck equally.

    • Cathy Irvine no wet want people that actually follow the constitution. Not someone that basis their decisions on a sky god floating in a cloud. Your as old if not older than me and you haven’t figured out republicans and democrats are essentially the same the only real difference is what they want to spend our money on and who’s liberties they don’t care about. The two Party system is nothing but controlled opposition.

    • Why didn’t they speak out earlier? I dunno…look around…maybe to avoid this kinda bullshit from assholes like you? Why did they come out now? Look around…

      Stop being so fucking stupid, please.

    • Tommy Simmons – Your total full-out clueless statement shows your utter pathetic Constitutional ignorance.

    • Dale Ramsey I am full well aware of the one party system.. Been a Ron. Paul supporter since the late 80s when I first heard of him… After reading Secrets of the Federal Reserve ..and The Law.. . So quit judging others you know nothing about me or what Activism I take part in…

    • Roy Moore says homosexuality should be illegal and that Rep. Keith Ellison should be prohibited ‘from taking the congressional oath’ because he’s a Muslim. I’m having trouble finding that in the Constitution. Can you help me, Cathy?

    • Cathy Irvine block them so they don’t get shared.

  • And I’m out. This dude has allegations of relations with 16, 18, and 14 year old girls. If you think he has the dignity to be a public servant please re adjust yourself

    • So you thought a murderer should have become president ?

    • Care to comment on the fact that many on Capitol Hill have refused to say that Bob Menendez should resign if he’s convicted? Or does your outrage only extend to republicans.

  • As a Christian and a republican that man is to Christianity what isis is to Islam

  • ConPatriot1234

    The only reason this obviously fake “news” story got any traction is because that homosexual pervert Matt Drudge plastered it all across his crummy website, because Drudge hates Bible-believing Christians. Conservatives need to boycott Matt the homo and his crummy website that’s so obsessed with robot sex and sodomy.

  • Moore needs to be eliminated from the Senate race. Its a sure sign from God. This man does evil with children!

    • I’d leave the judgement up to God … He hasn’t even had time to prove himself innocent… Wow

    • So does the Clinton’s,what you say about her ?

    • Clintons are the most corrupt evil creatures who are given free passes to get away with anything imaginable.

    • So if you are ever arrested and they take away your right to due process, you will be fine with that? Care to comment on Menendez?

    • Bryan Guiot – You’d do quite well at serving on a Kangaroo Court. I’d suggest that you take your 6th Amendment violating dimwitted brain and go take a very, very long walk off a very, very short pier.
      You should not be an “Interfaith Minister” anywhere to anyone!

    • I believe you have a personal axe to grind . Let’s stop the constant attacks so much fake new out there let’s settle down and collect facts and truth then make a final decision I could find four women tommorrow for a few dollars who would swear you did something that never happened .

  • Hang in there buddy screw the SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a Commie

  • Way to go fight fire with fire .Every knee will bow every tongue confess he is Lord . Amen !

  • “Get in the %#&ing van, kid.”

  • There favorite grenade is sexual misconduct . This is getting old. This broads come out of a rock n cry rape .they waited that long? Really!

  • Remember when this crap was pulled on Herman Cain? He dropped out, and you never heard about it again.

  • Deep State likes to throw the sex scandal card. Ask Herman Cain

  • I think they are doing the same shit they pulled on trump

    • Yup only they only had a ten year old tape . The women all confessed they lied .

  • how much did the infamous soros pay the slander gagging winches ???

    • why , just last week , there were no accusers ; but suddenly , magically , they appear … where were they , years ago , when Judge Roy was ILLEGALLY booted from his job as Alabama Chief Justice ??? … soros wasn’t even on anybodies screen , then …

  • It’s just another attempt by libtards and the RINO swamp monsters to keep the gravy train flowing.

  • Why does the alt-right defend pedophiles?

  • Moore is a horrible human being but I rate this, if true, as one of the least objectionable things about him.

  • Tim Carroll and his pathetic moronic foul mouth just got totally blocked by me.

  • A Confederacy of Dunces.

  • grob103

    If these accusations were true they would have been leveled long ago. He never would have been allowed to serve on the Alabama Supreme Court.

  • Case and point; today’s incarnation of The Liberty Conservative is neither for liberty, nor conservative. They are pro-Putinism. They are for brute forced tyranny. They defend pedophilia. They promote racist alt-right propaganda. They even advocate for neo-fascist theocracies. Also, did you know that some of their writers happen to be sexual predators??

  • These people aren’t for liberty, and they’re not conservative either. Come follow us instead. We’re not pro-pedophilia alt-right basement bums.

  • TLC – The Lying Conservative

  • TLC – Tyrants Liking Cock

  • Rand Paul never should have endorsed this wannabe hick ayatollah, pro-big government, theocratic, sexual predator.

  • TLC – Try Learning Courtesy

  • These people will do anything to stop him
    Don’t give up

  • kopperskettle

    McCain? SHUT-UP! McCain is just a prt of the Republican ESTABLISMENT Party.

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