Jeff Tucker Trades His Bow Tie For Tinfoil, Spins Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Alt-Right And Trump Administration

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Since Jeffrey Tucker left the Mises Institute several years ago for the Foundation for Economic Education, he has made a leftward shift that has led him to embracing many odd stances. None are more peculiar than a conspiracy theory he recently floated regarding possible collusion between identitarian bad boy Richard Spencer and White House senior adviser Stephen Miller.

“Richard Spencer and his Nazi friends were at the Trump hotel in DC planning the Charlottesville march at the same time that White House adviser Stephen Miller was there meeting with Nigel Farage,” Tucker wrote in the “Anarcho-Capitalism” Facebook group. “Is this why Trump was so defensive about the march? More needs to be known.”

Perhaps Tucker should call up his buddies at the New York Times or Newsweek to tell them about his hunch. With talk of Russian hacking dying down after no evidence was produced, the mainstream media may be interested in Tucker’s senseless ramblings regarding collusion between Spencer and Miller to create a connection between the Trump administration and white nationalists.

Miller, who is Jewish, and Spencer do have ties from college, as both men were student conservative activists at Duke University in the mid-to-late 2000s. Media commentators have used this connection in an attempt to denigrate Miller. In typically desperate fashion, Tucker is attempting to make himself relevant by fueling this fire–even though he could never produce one shred of evidence to back up his liquor-soaked fantasies in a million years.

Tucker has been a massive critic of Trump and his alt-right supporters. He shouted down Spencer accompanied by a mob of ANTIFA leftists at the final International Students for Liberty Conference back in February. In contrast to Spencer’s support of Trump, Tucker advised libertarians to vote for Gary Johnson for President last year. Johnson stumbled his way to well under five percent of the vote, blowing the Libertarian Party’s best shot to maintain national major party status.

That is not the only time Tucker has exhibited poor judgment recently. Tucker has been caught fondling mozzarella sticks, tacitly supporting the deep state, providing cover to liberty-hating feminists such as Cathy Reisenwitz, literally worshiping at the altar of Taco Bell of all places, and begging for the mass importation of masculine third-world refugees to enrich his culture. Tucker’s decline has been nothing short of tragic, and he would probably be better served enjoying his golden years far away from the public eye before he humiliates himself further.

  • What’s wrong with asking the question that he did?

    Seriously, we should all be asking more questions like this regarding our government.

    • Tucker should leave the conspiracy theories to Alex jones

    • It was a simple question, not a conspiracy theory.

      What’s wrong with questioning the government?

    • No, this question was completely asinine beyond belief so it’s not good that it is being asked. Quite the contrary. It makes Tucker (and the cause he represents, libertarianism) look horrible. Perhaps that is Tucker’s intent these days.

    • What makes it asinine? That it implied criticism of Dear Leader?

    • It’s the liquor-soaked delusion of a lowly man who is either growing senile or being paid off to do a hit on the libertarian movement.

    • Lol. Tucker has done more for libertarianism than most activists have.

  • A. Alexander Minsky

    Perhaps the bow tied one really has earned the moniker “Jeffrey Cucker”.

    • Joel Oliver

      He hasn’t, and you’re an idiot.

      • A. Alexander Minsky

        Thank you for the thoughtful and courteous reply. I look forward to continuing this dialogue in an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect.

        • Scott Bush

          Anyone using the term “cuck” unironically shouldn’t really expect a thoughtful response, tbh

          • Joel Oliver


  • Couple quick points:
    Richard Spencer is a Nazi. Richard Spencer crashed the Students for Liberty conference. Students for Liberty kicked him out. I don’t see how Students for Liberty = Antifa. Well, other than the fact that libertarians are, essentially, anti-fascist.

    Gary Johnson was not the ideal Libertarian Party candidate, sure. But who the hell else should libertarians have voted for?

    How homophobic/xenophobic do you have to be to make a phallic mozzarella stick ‘fondling’ comment, claim that Taco Bell “of all places” should never be praised, and imply that all latinos are masculine latin lovers that are going to “enrich our culture” (i.e. impregnate our good white women) if they are let into our country?

  • Elliot Young

    “begging for the mass importation of masculine third-world refugees to enrich his culture.”
    If this isn’t the most xenophobic, racist nonsense I’ve ever heard…Oh, how I so hope you have your job “taken” by a harder-working Hispanic.

    • Shane

      Feel free to check the history of the surname Trejo, genius.

      • Elliot Young

        Are you implying that because your surname is generally of Hispanic origin, that you cannot be racist?

        • Shane

          I’m saying that you made a complete fool of yourself with your comment. You got triggered and embarrassed yourself. Better luck next time, sunshine.

          • mjs

            All the cool kids stopped using “triggered” months ago Shane. You need to up your “Alt-Right®” insult game, bro.

  • Nazis everywhere. Aaaaaggggghhhhh!!!
    Jews and Nazis now collaborating, what next?

  • conspiracygirl

    I was so pleased to see the conspiracy kooks all board the Trump Train last year. I thought the Libertarian Party and the libertarian movement at large would at last be done with them as they found their true home in an anti-free market, anti-personal liberty, fellow tin-foil hat wearing president.
    But WTF, after their strongman was elected they all came running back — somehow feeeeling that their anti-liberty stances were actually libertarian stances! They all universally droned on that libertarians who promoted actual libertarian positions were *leftists,* lol. Yeah, like regulation loving leftists are sooo fond of free markets. Heck, these “Liberty conservatives” aren’t even conservatives! Conservatives favor free markets, duh! The conservative side of libertarianism has always been the conservative support of fiscal responsibility and free markets.

    Trump supporters depart from conservatism on this critical issue. They want economic choices regulated up the ying yang. They want to regulate where you can do business and who you can do business with — and who you can buy from and who you can sell to. There is no liberty in this. None.

    “Liberty Conservative.” What a misnomer.

    • Shane

      Don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about white nationalists or conspiracy theorists (or anyone else for that matter) showing up to your pathetic losers club.

  • Brian Ryman

    Quit sullying the term “libertarian” by attaching it to its antithesis – “conservatism”.
    You whiny fancy boys at Liberty Conservative [sic] are the ones who should be wearing tinfoil hats.

  • chrismalllory

    Tucker is the pencil necked nancy boy who thought a lawn mower repair shop should jump him to the front of the line just because he offered to pay more.

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