Hispanic Trump Voter Called “Race Traitor” By Nasty Women

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At a pro-Trump demonstration that took place at Washington State University on November 9, a group of anti-Trump protesters arrived to articulate their opposition to Donald Trump’s landslide victory in the November 8 election.

M.J. Vega, a member of WSU College Republicans, was present at the event. At one point in the event, a group of largely Hispanic and black agitators told Vega that because of his support for Trump, he was a “traitor” to his race, did not love his family, and that he was going to be deported – despite being in the United States legally.

White students were called “gringos,” as chants of “f*** that gringo” were directed at white students demonstrating.

View the footage of leftist racism on display below.

  • Keep it up libtards. The rule of law is about to return, and consequences for your actions will again become a standard in this country. The wheels of justice turn slow, but they grind fine.

  • And when they finally set some shit off white liberals will be caught up in it too.

    • It’s usually white liberals calling people race traitors for not goose stepping with them

  • I always being harrased called names like gringo,race traiter,idiot they call me a mother fucker.even some family member said they wont speek to me agin and if they see me in the streets they will act like they dont know me. Its messed up and all i do is get louder. I was raised right.

  • I was called “Asian Uncle Tom” by a white boy (I refused to call this person a man).

    It’s a pathetic tactic. Like that’s going to get me to vote for Clinton.

  • Scum

  • Killery list nobody want her the have to pay protesters to riot

  • This is what history will record the awful way people are acting and treating each other then we will have all the great things Trump will do and that will outweigh all this foolishness.

  • Cristian :/ so much hate from the left

    • I could say the same about the right….. But I wont…. Cuz I understand its a select few from the right that are that way…… Same goes for the left….

    • True true, I do still think soros is behind all of this. I posted a few things earlier to back up that claim.

  • I’m pretty sure that after Obama’s weak kneed efforts, there is some room in Guantonimo for those that oppose democracy

  • It’s how sick theses fucks are in the head

  • Democratic tolerance on display.

  • If voting for trump makes me a traitor, I wear that scarlet letter as a badge of honor.

  • Lol I got called all sorts of shit by certain individuals because I didn’t vote for Clinton. The plot twist is that I wasn’t voting for trump either, my neocon friends were more supportive and understanding than my liberal ones

  • Jay Ore Danne see when your all about defeating racism and engage in racism that’s hypocritical

    • When you call out people being racist only when they’re Democrat and not when they’re Republican… That’s hypocritical as well…

    • republicans aren’t running around calling everyone and everything that upsets them as racist that’s the difference they’ve made fighting racism a cornerstone of their platform and are engaging in it

    • You’re joking right… Literally any time Obama gave any support to the black community he was called racist on fox

    • I’m not fox and I’m not the Republican Party and you mean like when a felon attacked a cop and got killed and he would send them representation but when cops were assassinated and he didn’t that should of been ok?

    • So you’re crying racism about that while complaining about the left crying racism about a guy who said racist things… You do realize this is hypocritical

    • Nice try I pointed out the hypocrisy I didn’t cry about it look our conversation over and stay in reality unbiased objector

  • Just Liberals being Liberals. Nothing new

  • My wife died

  • These days it’s too damn easy to be called a race traitor. But maybe that won’t be so bad if we can have less race baiting

    I’ve even been called racist by other blacks for being more Republican than Democrat. I just walked it off

  • Fuck them lol. Who cares? He just won

  • Nelson Rodriguez

    Hispanic is not a race but an ethnicity. I am of the white race but am ethnically hispanic or of Spanish decent. This article is proof of liberal hypocrisy.