French Prime Minister Claims To Have ‘Proof’ Assad Committed Chemical Attacks, But Will Not Show Evidence

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After this past weekend’s chemical attack in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad is widely being blamed for the deadly poisoning. He denies any involvement in the gassing, but French President Emmanuel Macron claims that he has “proof” that Assad committed the attacks – although he has yet to produce any evidence of this to the general public.

“We have the proof that chemical weapons — at least chlorine gas — were used by Assad’s regime,” Macron said on France’s TF1 network.

Even U.S. forces, which blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the attack immediately, admitted that they had no evidence tying Assad to the attacks.

“I cannot tell you that we have evidence, although we certainly have a lot of media or social media indicators that either chlorine or sarin were used,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said to the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday.

The United Nations released a similar statement, as they are unable to produce evidence that Assad committed the attacks as well.

“We’re not in a position at this point to independently verify the allegations [about the alleged chemical attack in Douma], but, obviously, any allegation of continued use of chemical weapons is extremely, extremely troubling,” Stephane Dujarric, who serves as spokeswoman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, said on Monday evening.

Macron claims he has something that the U.N. and U.S. intelligence has not found. He vows retaliation against what he claims the Syrian government has done.

“France will not allow any escalation that could harm the stability of the region as a whole,” Macron said, “but we can’t let regimes think they can do everything they want, including the worst things that violate international law.”

Nicolas Sarkozy, who served as French Prime Minister from 2007-2012, was the architect of the war on Libya that disposed Muammar Gaddafi. Since that war was launched, Libya has become a hub for human slavery and global terrorism as a direct result. Still, Macron does not seem daunted by the failures of the recent past and may end up recreating the Libyan disaster in Syria.


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