Despite Threats And Protests, Richard Spencer Will Speak At Auburn University Tonight

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Although the University officially canceled the event, that is not going to stop controversial ethnonationalist Richard Spencer from speaking in Auburn, AL tonight. He will be giving his speech only a few days after the brouhaha in Berkeley amidst a tumultuous battleground of fiery left and right wing forces.

“An injunction has been filed,” Richard Spencer said in an interview with the Auburn University student newspaper. “We feel the law is on our side. I think it’s very clear. The Supreme Court has been unequivocal in terms of supporting people in situations like ours.”

Spencer was set to speak in a university building, but Auburn University canceled last week due to security concerns. Thus, he will be giving his speech instead at a campus “free-speech zone” at from 7pm to 9pm tonight where he will spread his identitarian message to his alt-right followers. ANTIFA is expected to have a heavy presence at the event as well, and clashes are anticipated.

“What I’m going to do now is I’m going to make this into a massive event,” Spencer said to the student newspaper. “This is going to be a huge challenge to see whether we have free speech in the United States or whether we don’t.”

Spencer is no stranger to controversy. In addition to getting punched multiple times by political opponents, he has been chased from several events as well. The most infamous occurrence happened at the 2017 International Students for Liberty Conference where a leftist mob–including anarchist Jeffrey Tucker–caused a ruckus, yelled obscenities, and made violent threats that ultimately forced Richard Spencer out of a hotel bar.

Anticipation is rapidly building on campus with the event just hours away. has reported a prevalence of Kek-related propaganda scattered throughout the campus while campus leftists have scheduled a music festival from 5-10pm in an attempt to draw attention away from Spencer.

UPDATE: Richard Spencer has confirmed in a Twitter post that the courts ruled in favor of his injunction, and his speech will be taking place on campus grounds at Foy Hall at 7pm tonight as originally scheduled.

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