Cucked By The ADL: Gavin McInnes Institutes Thought Control On His “Proud Boys”

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It’s always like conservatives and libertarians to take a good thing and ruin it unnecessarily. After the Anti-Defamation League–the leftist thought control agency–profiled controversial Rebel Media and Compound Media host Gavin McInnes as a racist and potential terror threat for founding the Proud Boys, he responded with a near-immediate purge of alt-right members from his pro-West fraternal organization.

“For the record, #ProudBoys [Virginia] are not alt-right. Stop splitting the group w that sh-t. If you are a [Virginia] PB who is [alt-right], you’re not a [Virginia] PB,” McInnes wrote in a Tweet with ominous ramifications for his group as a whole, which is supposed to have local autonomy.

McInnes certainly did the cause of freedom a favor by creating the Proud Boys, but it seems his creation has gotten out of hand. It caught on very quickly, and became a national phenomenon faster than anyone could have reasonably imagined. Looking at their old promotional video, it may have began as a complete joke. As a frequent Compound Media watcher, that is what I took it as initially. McInnes clearly didn’t think that his light-hearted group of chauvinistic rowdies would be profiled as white supremacists and become the victims of a media conspiracy in no time. The hoopla caught McInnes off guard, and he is reacting in the worst possible manner–playing into the hands of the left in his haste.

Former Liberty Conservative contributor turned YouTube sensation, James Allsup called out McInnes for his “line in the sand” posturing against the alt-right after the release of the ADL’s terror report.

“In my estimation, [McInnes] has lost control of the Proud Boys. His punching right is having a devastating effect on morale,” Allsup said to begin a series of Tweets. “Hundreds of PBs are either alt-right, or are alt-right sympathetic, and his “red line” today makes it clear: the alt-right = not welcome. I am seeing dozens of PBs saying they are leaving the organization. Dozens more will keep operating fully AR groups as PB chapters.”

Gavin responded to Allsup’s Tweets by writing, “Why would you assume I’m doing it to appease anyone? I’m just telling the truth… The only time our numbers go down is when a chapter gets infiltrated by AR. You have no perspective. I correspond with global members daily.” Of course, Gavin provided no evidence to back up his claim, and every possible indicator shows the opposite is actually occurring. It is Gavin’s desperate crusade to get the media to stop calling him racist that is driving wedges between the Proud Boys.

In the official Proud Boys national Facebook group, there are constant daily witch hunts against the supposed scourge of racism that is allegedly infiltrating every level of the organization. An ANTIFA-like atmosphere of thought control has arisen, and put a complete damper on the morale of the group. It used to be guys posting about women, beer, dirty jokes, and anti-liberal politics. It was a crass and ridiculous but amusing and jovial gang. It was an atmosphere that was drawing in men who might actually want to defend the West. That is changing rapidly, as an Orwellian vibe now taints each post. Fevered cultists commonly accuse people of racism or being a white supremacist without just cause. The complete and utter mindf-cking of the Proud Boys–sadly fostered by their own leader–is at hand.

Ironically, McInnes’ kowtowing to race-obsessed liberals only empowers more extremist groups such as Identity Evropa or the National Policy Institute to flourish. By wavering under the pressure, McInnes quite directly drives people into the camp of the white nationalists. White nationalists, while politically toxic and often over-the-top in their trolling, are virtually the only right-wing faction not buckling under the pressure these days. I consider myself to be a right-leaning libertarian, not an identitarian; however, it is virtually impossible not to notice this trend. For a particularly disgraceful recent example, look at the Oath Keepers: This is a group that was once one of the crown jewels of the libertarian movement, and it went from a pro-Bill of Rights organization to a gaggle of overweight simpletons choking out kids at rallies because the ADL told them that Pepe the Frog is a hate symbol. That’s the pathetic road the Proud Boys are going down unless they re-evaluate and change course quickly.

As McInnes goes on a witch hunt against alt-right leaning Proud Boys in a show of fealty to the mainstream media and political left, he gleefully enables some of the worst excrement of the Trump movement to embarrass the cause and prove the liberals right when it comes to “fake news.” McInnes is happy to co-align with talentless hacks such as the attention starved Laura Loomer, serial liar Jack Posobiec, and witless degenerate Lucian Wintrich. These are people with no accomplishments, no integrity and no principles who are using the new media landscape to whore themselves out for fame and cash. Loomer has become a tragic punch line of sorts in the conservative movement, using crowd-funded money for collagen injections and now a much-needed rhinoplasty under false pretenses. Posobiec embarrasses himself on a daily basis reporting blatant falsehoods through social media. Wintrich is essentially Milo Yiannopoulos–without the talent, charm, pizazz, charisma, or intelligence. McInnes helps these parasites to bleed the Trump movement dry because they tow the PC line on certain issues while dividing his own group unnecessarily to satisfy leftist cultural norms. It is very easy to see how liberals always dominate the conservatives (at least until Trump showed up) with their supposed leaders always behaving in such a manner.

As a Proud Boy myself, I don’t want to slam the door shut completely on this organization. There are many cool people in my local chapter who don’t care about witch hunts and just want to fight the left. McInnes, despite his faults, is a talented entertainer with many creative ideas on how to grow the conservative movement. I am not ready to put the Proud Boys in the same category as the controlled, defeated and cucked Oath Keepers. The demand is certainly out there for a group like the Proud Boys; just look at how fast it caught on! Americans desperately need to meet like-minded people, develop camaraderie, build community bonds, and defend themselves against enemies foreign and domestic. And nobody is calling for the Proud Boys to put the 14 words on their website, or officially adopt an identitarian bent to the organization, but it comes down to a matter of respect and understanding the dire situation facing us. We need all hands on deck in this war against the deranged left to preserve our civilization. This may mean uneasy alliances and other sacrifices to push the right forward. Anti-racist witch hunts and other exhibitions of virtue-signaling will only hand victory to our leftist enemies on a silver platter.

  • tz1

    I think the question is whether McInnes is the emperor of the Proud Boys, or if the PB is capable of deciding for themselves, e.g. whether to go to Unite the Right or some other gathering.
    Gavin can and does speak for himself. Does he speak for the PB – and worse are they now going to get a SJW approved “code of conduct”? Right now it is especially a witch hunt because no one knows how to identify one, so it is fuzzy. Even “Alt-Right”. Vox Day has the 16 points. Others identify it with southern or white nationalism. When McInnes says “no alt-Right” does anyone know which definition? Most alt-right aren’t white supremacists or about to join the KKK or Nazi party, even if they think white identity is important in an era of identity politics.

    This is how Conservatism Inc. and libertarians became irrelevant. It was more important to virtue signal and lose rather than fight back. Is the ADL a credible judge? Is the SPLC? If not then why should they be listened to and affect anything or anyone? Gavin can join NR or Eric Ericson or even Glenn Beck.

    There is some similar purity spiraling from some on the alt-white, but it seems less and they will become irrelevant too.

    But I will note McInnes – and Chernovich and others are being forced by the left. They can either cuck, or try suing for defamation or slander, or just realize they need to join the alt-Right and form its own section. The worst thing you can do with an SJW is show any weakness, so we’ll see how long until McInnes is branded a Nazi again for not apologizing sufficiently. And lawsuits are slow moving. The left will not let them sit on the fence. I hope they don’t burn too many bridges to the right before they have to retreat over one.

  • Nigel McPhearson

    In every hysteric post against “racism” or whatever. I’ve failed to see an example put forth of said racism. It’s surreal really.
    Also. I always ask. “What’s a white nationalist?” Such a simple question never gets asked. Are they a bunch of white guts that want to have their own little white state in Idaho or something? Not my thing but doesn’t sound all that hateful to me. It’s the same mistake of allowing the left to define our terms for us. It’s a loosing path.

    • Jonathan Jaeger

      Some WNists are very radical, some are more moderate – however, you’re essentially correct that our overall goal would be either a semi-autonomous all with state, or a fully autonomous nation. We’re not seeking to bring people in people kicking and screaming, who don’t want to be there, or trying to take back every square inch of the country/empire. We just want a homeland somewhere, which is being taken away by traitors in Europe. It is up to each people to ensure that they survive, and at this point in time our future is looking more perilous by the day.

    • Tom

      NONE specifically for white people BUT there are ethnicity exclusive scholarships for every other race. A Princeton study also found that blacks had the equivalent of a 230 SAT point advantage over whites when applying to college. There’s one for ya

      Here’s the link to the study for proof, also check out buzzfeed and huffpo do a search for “white people” on their sites to see what wonderful stuff they write about us, then go look at how much traffic their sites get at

      Some people overreacted but that doesnt mean there isnt a problem

  • Glenn Murdoch

    Great article.

  • great article. mind-fucking indeed.

  • Rascal

    Good article. While I would probably get along fine with 70% of the proud boys out there, including many of the non White members, I am not interested in supporting the organization. Gavin, while funny strikes me as someone who regards themselves as a gate keeper of sorts, just like Buckley did before him. He will also cuck on many key issues, and against key cultural enemies like the ADL, and I am done with people like that. When the rubber meets the road he folds.

    As a White man there is absolutely no reason to support these watered down groups. Eventually, just like conservatism before it, there is a witch hunt for against White men that stray off their reservation and actually look out for their own children. My time and my money will always go to organizations that fight directly for my interests.

  • Nope. The right wing SJW ethnic nationalist scum are are removed. The identity politics assholes are gone. Freedom loving men with character are who the Proud Boys are and those are the only ones welcomed in the brotherhood. Your story assumes Gavin chose to remove people but this cleanup was entirely a grassroots movement demanded by the members.

    • Daniel Fuentealba

      minorities vote overwhelmingly for the left, and the vast majority of libertarian voters are whites, the constitution will become irrelevant in 30-40 years.

    • Rascal

      I could take posts like this more seriously if the pb werent zionists who basically worship israel, a jewish ethno state. This has nothing to do with “muh freedom”, it has to do with pb being anti white cucks.

      People like yourself are hypocrits of the highest order.

      • TK

        You’re exactly correct. When it comes to Israel with these morons, there’s no such thing as “ethno nationalist scum.” They’re embarrassingly slavish toward Israel and don’t even realize it’s not even part of “the West.”

    • Yep. Canary is dead. Everyone go the other way.

  • ogunsiron

    i’m a black guy who’s been “hanging around” white people with “edgy” beliefs for a very long time now. ‘m basically the black guy with alt-right or or even nazi-sish friends. No, not the based black guy who doesn’t see color! The black guy you can claim as a friend to get a free ”i’m no racist card” but who knows you’re kinda racist and is cool with it because we agree on a lot of topics anyway. I’m in no way color blind nor do i think race doesn’t matter. Race does matter, a lot. It doesn’t matter infinitely but it also matters much more than just a tiny bit.

    I just don’t get gavin’s belief that western values have nothing to do with actual genetically western peoples. Look, i get it that once in a while you can run into someone like me who’s not genetically western but who “fits in”. But how the hell can you not see that there is no such thing as western culture without WHITE european people of mostly western roots ? Even elite, top notch humans like the japanese can’t collectively recreate a western society, because they’re not western by blood. They can create really nice and interesting kinds of human civilizations but not the one the western chauvinists claim to cherish.

  • Jonathan Jaeger

    I am a proud White man, and I believe that we must explicitly defend our own. I’m not calling for genocide of others; I simply want my people to continue to exist. I expect every group of people to be primarily concerned with their own, although I understand if some individual people don’t – and that’s fine. However, to blacklist me just because I love my people’s culture, history, and our general attitudes is ridiculous. I’m White, the children I’ve had thus far are White, and I want them to have a good future – not to wind up as a hated minority, with no where to go; and they won’t have anywhere to go, if Europe, Canada, and Australia keep headed down the path that they are on. I am an identitarian, and people like Gavin continue to prove to me that there is no other option but the path that I am on. The next fifty years are projected to be devastating to my people, and to our ability to exercise self-determination. It’s not hate that drives me, but love. Love for my ancestors, and my future progeny – as of yet unborn.

  • Pareto

    Excellent article. I’m not a libertarian, I am an identitarian but I am willing to stand and fight with any libertarian who is willing to stand with me. Hail Victory.

  • Stronghorse

    Interesting take on the subject. One thing needs corrected though, the guy who “Choked Out” the kid was NOT an Oath Keeper. You need to fact check better before you print your final draft.

    • Shane

      The choker was surrounded by Oath Keepers and acting out a directive from the head of the organization, Stewart Rhodes. Better luck with your spin attempt next time.

      • Stronghorse

        Not true. He was indeed surrounded by Oath Keepers, but acted on his own. In fact I believe it was Oath Keepers who pulled him off.
        Did you even watch the video? The guy was warned at least six times to leave since he was not invited and was causing problems with his silly meme signs.
        The entire incident was witnessed and the cops escorted him off the premises. Mr. Rhodes appears nowhere in any of the videos, and the audio reveals that nobody gave any instructions what-so-ever, he acted on his own. So perhaps it is you that needs better luck with your spin.

        • Rascal

          Why were the Oath Cuckers taking signs in the first place?

          Who are the Oath Cuckers, and why do they think they get to gate keep who shows up to a public event on public property?

          Why do Oath cuckers think that they can incite violence against other law abiding groups, and then whine about it when they are called out on it?

          Meme signs didn’t cause the problems, the oath cuckers did. They were acting like vigilantes against speech, and I am not buying your retarded defense of their actions.

          • Stronghorse

            It gets more obvious each time you comment that you did not watch the video. Nobody took his precious signs. He picked them up and carried them away with him as the police escorted him away from the area.
            Furthermore, I’m not defending anyone’s actions. The video is clear as to what happened. You just want to attack a group that you likely have no knowledge about except what some liberal media prints.
            Each time you post a comment, it gets more juvenile in it’s content. Since it is evident that you are not seeking civil debate, and prefer to use slander and childish name calling, I will not be responding to you any more. Be happy in your ignorance.

          • Rascal

            I have personally known oath keepers and they are a worthless larp organization, run by a worthless shill for mall commando diabetics.

            White men are better of spending time with their family rather than waste it on this sham organization.

            The oath cuckers were taking signs. That is why they had a pile of them.

  • TK

    Gavin fails to understand that race and culture are inseparable.

  • mememine69

    The difference between the two is that leftists think only groups of people can have rights while right leaning people all think only “people” (individuals) can have rights leaving “left wing” thinking the herd mentality gene in our DNA.
    And the problem with the right is that they promise you personal liberty but then you have to surrender it to Jesus.
    Can we evolve please?

  • Jimmy Rustler


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