Corporate Media Forces Out TV Host For Criticizing David Hogg

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As Big Brother takes hold, conservatives and libertarians are no longer even allowed to push back against their increasingly hostile and deranged enemies. David Hogg, the foul-mouthed child who is working on a campaign with top Democratic operatives to destroy the 2nd Amendment, is now sacrosanct according to the corporate media.

Conservative TV host Jamie Allman made a joking tweet in late March about taking a “hot poker” to David Hogg figuratively. It was obviously not meant to be taken seriously, but the relevant context did not matter. He was forced out of his position anyway following a digital witch hunt, and his resignation was accepted by Sinclair Media.

“You can’t say ‘Hey I’m just a kid,” Allman said about Hogg. “We have to be allowed to refute what you’re saying… or to respond to it, you can’t be all the time grabbing your blanket when the going gets tough.”

But apparently in this day and age, dissent is no longer tolerated as long as you are selected as an idol by the power elite. Hogg is allowed to demonize law-abiding patriotic Americans, but nobody is allowed to even question him or risk losing their livelihood.

“We demand advertisers stop being complicit,” wrote Missouri state Representative Stacey Newman, a partisan Democratic supporter of gun control who participated in the witch hunt. “Stop supporting an adult who spews such hate.”

Sinclair Media was recently disgraced after video was released of dozens of their news readers across the country reading the exact same script verbatim. Apparently heterodox opinions are not allowed by this corporate media conglomerate. Jamie Allman found out the hard way what happens to employees who deviate from the script, as Sinclair bowed to the anti-constitutional leftist mob under the pressure.

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  1. David Hogg paid no attention to the insult, which was as “foul mouthed” as anything I heard when I was in the Army (E5, Honorable Discharge, and you’re welcome).

    Mr. Hogg didn’t say or do anything in response, but apparently thousands of his admirers did, and when the advertisers heard from them, they left.

    What happened to Mr. Allman is hardly an assault on free speech. Nothing in the Constitution guarantees you a radio show, it just says the GOVERNMENT can’t take action in regard to your speech. Thousands of private citizens can raise their own voices in response, and they did. Your employer certainly can, and Mr. Allman’s employer did.

    You have to admire a kid who paid no attention to the people who hate him, and destroyed them without even looking in their direction. I want this kid in West Point. He understands strategy and leadership.

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