Child Exploitation: Liberals Use Kids Under Eight Years Old As Political Props

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The students from Parkland, FL have been featured on every mainstream media newscast following the recent mass shooting in that town’s high school. Led by David Hogg, these children have pushed relentlessly for gun control and become stars as the result of their crusade against the 2nd Amendment.

The left is not stopping with those kids, and they are going much younger to push their political agenda. They are now targeting children as young as Kindergarten age to use as props to call for gun control, gender-based handouts, and other liberal public policies.

According to the Wall Street Journal, teachers throughout the country are coaching up their pupils to be used in protests against gun rights. As staged protests against the 2nd Amendment were waged throughout the country, teachers indoctrinated children as young as five years old to manipulate them into joining this propaganda effort.

This is far from an isolated incident, as was shown by public school teachers in the leftist stronghold of Ann Arbor, MI. According to an report, the teachers there are coaching children in the second grade to repeat canned talking points about the widely-debunked gender pay gap. They recently held a protest with the kids marching throughout the town.

“It’s important to me, because if your mom gets paid less than your father, then your mother might not be able to raise enough money for herself,” said Thea Rose, a second grader who spoke during the protest.

As the political climate gets heated and the left grows more desperate, they will inevitably use children as the public face for their agenda. We will continue to cover the developing issue of child exploitation by the left as it develops.

Originally Published at Populist Brief.

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