Black Sportscaster Defends Kanye: “We’ve Made a Mistake” By Accepting “Liberalism As The Solution To All Of Our Problems”

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Kanye West’s recent pro-Trump comments have sparked a national discussion about race and politics that is threatening the Democratic stranglehold on the African-American vote. One media voice, African-American sportscaster Jason Whitlock empathizes with West’s sentiments and echoed many of his key points.

“I think what Kanye is trying to do open black America’s mind to the fact that perhaps we have chosen a bad strategy by swallowing all of the Democratic party and liberalism whole,” Whitlock told Tucker Carlson during an interview on his FOX News program.

Whitlock noted that the African-American community has not gotten a great return on investment for their generations of fealty to the Democratic Party.

“Our families have been destroyed. Our children lost and confused. Our black men incarcerated and emasculated and we’ve moved away from the traditional values that have always defined us. I think we’ve made a mistake,” Whitlock said.

Whitlock also took aim at Ta-Nehisi Coates, who called West every name in the book in an op/ed in The Atlantic written for a predominantly white audience for having the audacity to express an independent point of view. Whitlock claims that people like Coates are around “to keep everyone in line with the groupthink that the only solution is liberalism for black America’s problems.”

“If that were the case our problems would be being solved much faster because 90, 95% of us are afraid to even admit that we have conservative values and we have been sold — we’ve moved away from our church. We’ve been the most religious people in America for years, hundreds of years and we’re moving more secular. We’re moving away from the church. Our religion now is liberalism and the Democratic party is our church and it’s just not working for us,” Whitlock said.

Whitlock maintains that he is non-political, but just sees it as alarming when a race of people are associated with one monolithic political opinion – with serious consequences arising when an individual deviates even slightly from the consensus.

“I don’t really like politics much at all, but if you just say I think Trump has a good idea here, you get kicked out of the black race,” Whitlock said.

“Kanye, I’m sure, disagrees with Trump and the Republican party and conservatives on a lot of issues but he’s not willing to cast someone out of the human race just because he disagrees with him,” he said. “If I cast everybody out that I disagreed with I would have no one.”


  1. He can defend Kayne for his political comments. But he certainly cannot defend him for his slavery is a choice rhetoric, that is indefensible no matter what some people say.

    • IMO this is an incorrect conclusion. Kanye was encouraging independent thought and not enslaving yourself with blind allegiance to an ideology. If you choose to group-think and vote party lines because you’re ordered to by party bosses, you are choosing to enslave yourself to their ideology.
      That’s what he meant.
      He’s intelligent and knows that an egregious, immoral system of 170+ years ago was not chosen by those enslaved.

    • So you believe Kayne and that African ancestors chose to be captured, bought here on slave ships, lived their lives in bondage, chains, whipped until their they bled, feet chopped off, raped, and killed. That’s not independent thought that is ignorance, he basically threw an entire race under the bus with that comment, not even Charcoal and Felt didn’t go that far and they’re the biggest emperor supporters out there. That’s not an incorrect conclusion that’s a fact, that statement came out of his mouth period. Bad take all the way around, quit trying to spin it.

    • Kayne meant that the modern people (not the slave generations) who choose to be on welfare, choose to be dependant etc.. he refered to that as modern slavery.

    • No spin to this how much do you know about slavery? Who enslaved your people in the first place and for how long?

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