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Paula Marie Lindsey
Paula Marie is a Senior Political Science major at SHSU. She likes Milton Friedman, being snarky, and liberty. What else is there to know? Oh, she also reeeeeally likes Popeye's Chicken, ask anyone.

Where Have All The CPAC Libertarians Gone?

The halls of the Conservative Political Action Conference were not humming with the excitement of liberty as it has been in years past. The Conservative Political Action Conference in 2015 was as close to a libertarian dream as the conference has ever come. Enthusiastic young libertarians, optimistic that liberty would prevail in the 2016 election, proudly sported their Stand With Rand shirts draped in pro-liberty stickers and pins. Panels were presented incorporating libertarian ideas, such as the Privacy versus Security debate with Judge Andrew Napolitano and The Red Pill or The Blue Pill? A Debate on Marijuana Legalization with Governor… Keep Reading

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