As Trump Strengthens US National Security Interests, Obama’s Legacy Is All But Forgotten

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When Barack Hussein Obama left office, radical Islamic groups were emboldened after years of US appeasement in the Middle East. In addition to ISIS claiming hold of substantial parts of Syria, their rival Islamic terror group, Hezbollah, became stronger than ever after benefiting greatly from Obama’s Iran deal.

But those days are now over. ISIS is 98 percent decimated thanks to the work of Trump, and now Trump is setting his sights on Iran and their allied terror groups. He announced this week that the Iran deal – an achievement that was meant to secure Obama’s presidential legacy – is no more.

“United States withdrawal from the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] will pressure the Iranian regime to alter its course of malign activities and ensure that Iranian bad acts are no longer rewarded. As a result, both Iran and its regional proxies will be put on notice. As importantly, this step will help ensure global funds stop flowing towards illicit terrorist and nuclear activities,” the White House said in a media release.

The Trump administration believes the deal was argued in bad faith, and the Iranians received conditions that were far too favorable with little in return. They remain willing to talk to Iran, but will take a much stronger approach at the negotiation table moving forward. Trump is going to assemble a “broad coalition of nations to deny Iran all paths to a nuclear weapon and to counter the totality of the regime’s malign activities.”

In particular, the administration points to Iran’s support of the Houthis in Yemen, their support of Shia militants in Iraq, and their fervent support of Hezbollah in Lebanon as examples of “malign activities” that the radical Islamic regime is conducting in the region. They want a deal that will stop this behavior rather than enable it like they believe happened with Obama’s ill-advised Iran deal.

Trump will also make sure that Iran never gains the capability to build an intercontinental ballistic missile, halts all nuclear development, ends the proliferation of ballistic missiles to other countries, ceases support for international terror groups, ends its cyberattacks on the US and allied countries, and accomplishes other key strategic objectives.

“If we do nothing, we know exactly what will happen,” Trump said as he announced termination of the deal. “In just a short period of time, the world’s leading state sponsor of terror will be on the cusp of acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapons.”

Opponents of Trump’s decision have said that this maneuver draws the US closer to a war with Iran. However, Trump’s firm diplomacy helped bring North Korea to the negotiation table with a renewed willingness for peace talks. Trump will have another chance to show his diplomatic brilliance as he negotiates directly with the mullahs of Iran, as Obama’s legacy of appeasement is now gone and all but forgotten.


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