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April 2016


Conservatives Under Siege – Transgendered Bathrooms And The Brilliance Of The Left’s Decoy Strategy

This article is the first in a three-part series titled “Conservatives Under Siege”. Subscribe to Liberty Conservatives Magazine or follow Joel on Facebook or Twitter to be notified of subsequent articles. From the explosion of outrage and hyperbole that violated my social media newsfeeds in the last two days, I gather that gender-confused individuals are now trying to use bathrooms to which they are not assigned. That’s unfortunate. I expect it to complicate some social norms, and potentially produce awkward situations.  It may even force some businesses or public buildings to go back to the barbaric unisex individual bathrooms still used… Keep Reading


The Secret 28 Pages: A “Preliminary Police Report” Detailing Saudi Involvement In 9/11

As political pressure continues to mount, the Obama administration has signaled its intent to release at least parts of the still classified 28 pages of the 9/11 report that many believe will show Saudi Arabian involvement in the terrorist attacks on 9/11. In an appearance on 60 Minutes, former Senator Bob Graham (D-Florida) and chair of the Congressional committee that released the report, told host Steve Kroft the 28 pages show Saudi Arabia was “substantially” involved in the attacks on 9/11. When asked by Kroft if the support came from the Saudi government, wealthy citizens or charities, Graham replied, “all of the… Keep Reading


Tim Donnelly, Patriot, Not a Politician Running For Congress In California

April 23rd at Riley’s Farm, at a fundraiser billed “A Night with the Stars”,  8th California congressional candidate Tim Donnelly had endorsements from such notables as Comedian Rob Schneider,  “Dallas” Actress Morgan Brittney,  “Politichicks” Ann-Marie Morell and Michelle Malkin.   At the dinner several firearms were raffled off and Mr. Donnelly mixed with the ethnically diverse crowd who embrace his conservative ideals in what is the 87th most conservative district in the country. One such person was Anthony Harris who commented on why he supports Donnelly against the establishment. “I’ve been supporting Tim Donnelly since he ran for governor.  Unfortunately he… Keep Reading


Bad News For Social Democrats – Koch Brothers Don’t Control The Republican Party

Charles Koch and his brother do not control the Republican party, but the social democrats who despise them might begin wishing they did. During a recent interview with Jonathan Karl of ABC news, Charles Koch sat down to discuss his frustration with the election, declaring that he believes the system is rigged, but definitely not by him. Estimating that in a 5 trillion-dollar economy, the corporate tax code alone is costing Americans $1.5 trillion, he vehemently opposes laws that support corporatism. “A great majority [of the benefits] are going to the wealthy,” Koch said, echoing the statement made by the interviewer. “The… Keep Reading


Wake Up, Rand Paul Fans: Ted Cruz Is Your Only Hope

The results are in – Ted Cruz is now the only remaining candidate in the 2016 Republican primary poised to stop Donald Trump from nabbing the GOP nomination. I cannot say I am as thrilled by this news as the diehard Cruz fans must be (as I do not count myself among their ranks for reasons I will explain later), but I still find solace in the thought that Trump still has a worthy usurper – and he isn’t half bad. Now that seem like light praise, but I am a believer in incremental change being a serious part of… Keep Reading

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