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January 2016


Three Reasons Every Libertarian Should Celebrate a Ted Cruz Iowa Win

Much of the libertarian interest in next week’s Iowa Caucuses is focused on Rand Paul – and rightfully so.  Since his apparent decision to drop the middle-of-the-road rhetoric and go full libertarian early this year in the face of declining money and support, many of his father’s sidelined activists have taken renewed interest in his campaign. Rand’s numbers in Iowa have seen a slight uptick, and his campaign has released some impressive organizational numbers. Still, Rand is a longshot to pull off a win in a state where the competing candidacies of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have reshaped the… Keep Reading


Romanticizing Reagan: Part II – Regulations And Free Trade

Continued from Part I – Taxation and Spending During Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign, the third of his four pillars of Reaganomics was regulatory reform. Namely, he was on a mission to reduce federal regulations (an applaudable goal). This is, in fact, one of the chief reasons why democrats criticize his presidency; he supposedly spent his tenure recklessly deregulating. In a speech given by Art Laffer, Reagan’s economic advisor, Dr. Laffer mentions a story of Reagan dropping the Code of Federal Regulations on a table to demonstrate its massive size. “Do you remember that?” Laffer asked the audience, “Do you remember… Keep Reading


CAUCUS CORRUPTION: Craig Robinson Firm Receives HUNDREDS Of Thousands From GOP PACs & Candidates

Craig Robinson is perhaps the most influential politico in Iowa today, having turned his years of GOP activism into a basis for the creation of a highly read and respected publication. The former Iowa GOP State Political Director founded the “Iowa Republican” website in 2009, a site that is now frequented by media and activists alike who are looking to get a finger on the pulse of the Hawkeye state leading up to the caucuses. Robinson’s star has risen tremendously in the past two presidential cycles, as he is frequently quoted in outlets such as Fox News, The Washington Post… Keep Reading


Romantacizing Reagan: Part I – Taxation And Spending

Among conservatives, Ronald Reagan is held in deific esteem. Find any Republican debate Bingo or drinking game, and his name is certain to be one of the triggers to take a drink. Even among libertarians (of the non-anarchist persuasion), Reagan is still viewed as one of our greatest presidents, if not the greatest outright. The reasons for the romanticization of Reagan are difficult to understand. Ronald Reagan did have some of the best rhetoric when it came to conservative and Libertarian issues, and perhaps this is a good explanation for his appeal. But when you look at his policies as… Keep Reading


Why Rand Paul’s Campaign Will Go Down In History

I haven’t written much about Rand Paul in a while – not because I don’t like the guy, but because I feel like his most loyal endorsers are often the better sort to be writing about his current campaign. After all, those who love you most are the best voices to have in your corner when you’re trying to become the next leader of the free world. But now that Rand’s campaign looks to be coming to a forced, rousing, and highly resisted end sooner than later (though I would be happy to be wrong on that prediction), I feel… Keep Reading


My Brand Of Liberty Isn’t Dictated By Yours

By any sensible, historical definition, I am a libertarian. I also find myself more often than not feeling the need to apologize for other libertarians’ behavior in the social sphere. And some of the most fiery debates I have these days are with fellow self-proclaimed liberty lovers who would rather tell me how wrong I am about monetarist economics, how fascist I am for having gone to a publicly recognizable school, how I’m a leftist because I’m pro-choice, and how, because of all of these disputes and more, I couldn’t possibly be a “real” libertarian. Both of these realities are… Keep Reading


Ted Cruz Misses Audit The Fed Vote

Ted Cruz made a decision today which is sure to puzzle many conservatives and inflame liberty activists across the country, missing the vote on Senator Rand Paul’s Audit The Fed bill. Cruz is reported to be campaigning in New Hampshire today, opting to take his message to the voters in that state rather than vote on the Audit The Fed legislation. This follows a longstanding pattern of the Senator missing votes, though this one may prove to be more costly than any before it, as it threatens to undermine Cruz’s attempts to attract liberty minded supporters. Roll call vote posted… Keep Reading


The Shocking Video Ted Cruz DOESN’T Want You To See

We are now less than 4 weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses, and Ted Cruz has emerged as the frontrunner to win the first in the nation caucus. This has lead to an unprecedented level of scrutiny from many activists in the Hawkeye state, including former state house candidate Eric Durbin. Eric has released a flip flop compilation video detailing over a dozen of Ted Cruz’s most egregious flip flops, all accompanied by damning video evidence. If you consider Ted Cruz to be a consistent, principled conservative this 13 minutes of video evidence to the contrary should put some doubts… Keep Reading


Crocodile Tears: First Salvo In The Latest War On The Second Amendment

President Obama kicked off the last year of his term by announcing a serious of “Executive Actions” that he claims will address gun violence in the United States (despite FBI statistics that show violent crime involving firearms on a multi-decade decline). Obama, the same President who allowed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to ship guns to Mexican drug cartels in order to foment violence that would justify more extensive gun control domestically, shed crocodile tears as he called for further restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. These latest “Executive Actions” continue the dictatorial… Keep Reading

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