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November 2015


Why We Need Free Trade With China And The World

Recently I have become appalled at the growing rise of protectionism and nativism in the Republican Party. This sentiment has been personified by Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. Trump, a master of regurgitating economic fallacies and senseless populist rhetoric, has been drumming up support for his regressive trade policies. He has been promoting the idea that the US needs to close itself off from global trade and seek what he deems “fair trade.” His definition of “fair” is the government injecting itself in the voluntary associations between businesses and individuals of differing countries by limiting their choice and freedom. No Donald, nothing… Keep Reading


My Veteran’s Day Dilemma

I’m never really sure how to react to Veteran’s Day. My anti-government views are no secret, and as an anarchist, this has clear implications on military policy. It isn’t simply that I think the military in general is something that can be abolished outright (although I do think this), but I reject the idea – as a matter of policy – that any of our foreign interventions do anything to keep Americans safe. Rather, I believe our foreign policy has a deleterious effect on American safety. But I’m not like many anarchists. I don’t blame the soldier for the politician’s… Keep Reading


Academic Welfare Queens

During Monday’s chaotic day of demonstrations at the University of Missouri, professor Melissa Click accomplished something she may have never done before in her academic career – taught an important lesson. Click, an assistant professor of mass media at Mizzou’s communications department, was recorded intimidating and threatening student journalists trying to document the protests occurring on campus. Because in today’s progressive up-side down world, the communications professors are anti-free speech. So what exactly does a mass media professor who’s anti-journalism actually teach? As The Federalist reported, Click specializes in “audience studies, theories of gender and sexuality, and media literacy.” According… Keep Reading


The Debate Republicans Deserve

As we approach tonight’s Republican debate, sure to be a spectacle similar to the last three awkward attempts to manage the political equivalent of a starting football lineup, it’s worth mentioning that debates don’t have to be this way. Late last week Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal challenged Senator Ted Cruz to debate Obamacare mano y mano in a response to the latter’s assertion that he would debate “anyone, anywhere”.  Though the move was a clear attempt by Jindal to lash his sinking dinghy to the surging Cruz ship, he served the ball directly into Cruz’s court in such a way… Keep Reading


Ted Cruz Should Be Every Ron Paul Supporters’ Second Choice

Rand Paul is without doubt my first choice for the presidency. As the most libertarian member of the United States Senate, and the son of Ron Paul, Rand is strongly deserving of our support and I wholeheartedly endorse him for President of the United States. However, should he be unsuccessful in his presidential campaign and choose to leave the race at any time in the next few months, we should keep our options open, for there is clearly another candidate in the race with strong liberty credentials. 1. Ted Cruz is one of the most fiscally conservative members of the… Keep Reading


A Republic: Did We Keep It?

A few days ago, Burnie Thompson wrote the article “Is America a Democracy or a Republic?” Conservatives and Libertarians often like to point out, as Burnie did, that the the United States was founded as a Republic, and this is certainly true. The problem is that this is a present-tense question that is answered with a past-tense answer. You can’t respond to the question of what we are by pointing out what we used to be. And despite the many valid points that Burnie makes in his article, this is where I believe he is mistaken. Burnie writes: “One thing the… Keep Reading

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