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15 Things To Watch For At CPAC 2015

1. Will Rand Paul 3-peat, and by how much? Senator Rand Paul has had a very good showing at his first two CPAC conferences as a potential presidential candidate. Paul won the conferences annual straw poll narrowly over Marco Rubio 25-23% in 2013, and ran away with the straw poll in 2014 with 31% of the vote, nearly triple the 11% 2nd place finisher Ted Cruz. These performances make Paul the clear favorite to win the poll, and anything less than that would be seen as a loss for the senator in his 2016 presidential campaign. 2. Can Scott Walker… Keep Reading


Rand Paul Taps Liberty Movement Leader As Iowa Political Director

Sen. Rand Paul’s 2016 presidential campaign, which in recent months has gone from being a strong possibility to a near certainty, has hired a new political director to conduct operations in the first-in-the-nation caucus state of Iowa. Jonathan Van Norman, who served as former Rep. Ron Paul’s regional director in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District during his 2012 presidential run, will join an Iowa campaign team which is already staffed with several big names such as former Iowa Republican Party chairmen Steve Grubbs and AJ Spiker. In addition to his work for Ron Paul 2012, Van Norman’s impressive resume includes Liberty… Keep Reading


Kingsmen – End Sovereign Immunity!

The doctrine of sovereign immunity derives from the English notion that “the king can do no wrong” and hence cannot be sued without his consent. The purpose of this doctrine was, in England, from at least the Middle Ages until eighteenth century, to bar certain lawsuits against the monarch and his or her ministers and servants. With the rise of the English Parliament after the death of Elizabeth I, government officers and politicians sought to gain the power of immunity that the monarch and his or her agents had enjoyed. In practice, however, English subjects were not totally deprived of… Keep Reading


Rand Returns To His Roots

Nobody thought that former US Representative Ron Paul would show up in Iowa this week to stump with his son, Kentucky Senator and likely 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul; but when Rand took the stage to deliver the keynote at an “Audit the Fed” rally hosted by Liberty Iowa, there was a whole lot of Ron in the room. Ron Paul shirts, Ron Paul hats, and Ron Paul stickers adorned many of the roughly 120 people that gathered in Des Moines to hear the younger Paul speak. Even the speech itself sounded a lot more like the fiery Texas Congressman… Keep Reading


Ted Cruz Flip Flops On Marijuana

The weekend of the Iowa Freedom Summit was seen by many as the unofficial kickoff of the 2016 Iowa Caucuses, and Ted Cruz was in full campaign mode. Before delivering a rousing speech to a raucous crowd at the summit, Cruz took some time to meet with activists from Liberty Iowa, a group founded after Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign, to answer questions on a variety of issues. Cruz challenged the group to throw him “no softballs”, and they engaged in a back and forth that lasted about two hours. The meeting went by largely without disagreement, or with only… Keep Reading


Cruz To Liberty Movement: No Softballs

Nearly two weeks ago, just prior to his appearance at Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz carved out some time to meet with leading liberty activists from around Iowa. The low-key meeting, held in Des Moines, was many activists’ first time to meet the libertarian-leaning Tea Party firebrand. It was also Cruz’s first time fielding questions from a crowd comprised almost exclusively of members of the thriving Iowa Liberty Movement. Cruz opened with high praise for former Rep. Ron Paul’s rapidly-maturing political army. “The power, the energy of the Liberty Movement is inspirational,” said Cruz. “I think… Keep Reading


Rand Paul: Obama Budget A ‘Wrong Recipe’ For The Country

HANNITY: Now, under the president’s budget proposal, over the next 10-year period, tax increases will total $2 trillion. The projected federal debt by 2025 will topple $26 trillion. So what is he thinking? By the way, he said $9 trillion in debt was unpatriotic and irresponsible. Here with reaction, Kentucky senator, potential presidential candidate Rand Paul. Senator, what’s your reaction? SEN. RAND PAUL, R-KY.: Well, it’s more of the same. I mean, this president now is going to add more to the debt than all 43 previous presidents combined. And there’s no slowing up on it. He doesn’t get what… Keep Reading

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