You Don’t Want Christopher Cantwell On Your Side

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Christopher Cantwell is a fascist. That is not meant as a slur or an exaggeration. He says that he is a fascist in his profile. There is a warrant out for his arrest because somebody claims he broke the law during the Charlottesville protests. He professes his innocence. Whether or not he is guilty is not up for me to decide. Cantwell has the right to due process, something that he would not likely get if he were in a similar situation in a fascist country. Not even Nazis are safe from other Nazis.

How did Cantwell go from being a libertarian anarchist to being a fascist? How do you go from wanting no government at all to wanting a far more authoritarian regime than what we already have?

Cantwell joined the Libertarian Party after losing his job and his driver′s license due to his second DUI. He had credited the LP with saving his life by giving him a new purpose in life. Without the LP, he admits that he would have probably gone on a violent, suicidal rampage. If things were different, he could have become a mass shooter.

Cantwell soon learned that the LP just wasn′t hardcore enough for him. While most Libertarians advocate for peaceful reform, Cantwell cheered after an infamous cop killer made the news.  Shooting police officers is clearly a bad idea with lethal consequences. Occasionally, there will be a politically-minded lunatic who thinks shooting at police makes them a better person than a terrorist who attacks a soft target. The shooter usually dies (as was probably intended), and the cause he claims to support suffers in the public eye as a result.

Cantwell slowly changed his mind about police after Black Lives Matter formed. When a white guy killed a police officer, he considered that heroic. But after a police officer killed a black guy, his sympathies were automatically with the police.

The reality is that there are justified and unjustified shootings all the time involving suspects and police officers of every race in this country. Libertarians know that there would be far fewer suspects killed by police and fewer police killed by criminals if the War on Drugs was brought to a close. Cantwell lost sight of the libertarian message and decided that there must be something wrong with black people. He even explained his shift in thinking to a group of Nazis.

This video is highly ironic because Cantwell used to call himself an anarcho-capitalist, but he is being very friendly with with National Socialists. In strictly ideological terms, the ancap should be the complete polar opposite of a Nazi. National Socialism is an extreme form of statism, which is the opposite of anarchism. Cantwell is drawn to these people not because he agrees with them. He still claims to oppose socialism, but like Nazis, he has violence and hate in his heart. He just happens to be slightly smarter than a neo-Nazi thug. Many extremists see violence as a means to an end. For Cantwell, violence is the end, and whatever cause he claims to support is merely an excuse.

Cantwell says he became a fascist because people kept calling him a fascist. That′s like if the insults I heard on Xbox Live growing up ended up turning me into a bundle of sticks: simply preposterous. Cantwell just happened to find a worldview that suits his violent and unhinged outlook on live. People who stand for individual liberty already know to keep their distance from Cantwell. People who support law and order would be wise to do the same.

Robert is the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Allen County, Indiana. He has worked in the private security industry since before 9/11. His new novel, A Long Way From Tipperary, is now available on Amazon.

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