Why I Want Trump In The White-House

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Ever since Donald Trump decided to run for the Republican party last year, he’s been the subject of perhaps the most callous defamation campaign by media outlets I’ve ever seen.

He’s a blonde-haired buffoon who hates women, Muslims and Jews. He’s xenophobic, racist and bigoted. He’s isn’t presidential material. He’ll cause division, hatred and violence if elected. He wants to start a nuclear arms race! To me at any rate, anyone who parrots such accusations has advertised their willingness to believe in just about anything.

It doesn’t take a supporter to recognize the deliberate misrepresentations the establishment media have subject Trump to since the inception of this election cycle. The casual and almost flippant way in which Trump is misquoted in fact explains why he’s experiencing a surge in popularity. Under the unlikely pretense he actually becomes president, the journalists who’ve made a career on supplying stories of bigotry to their readers will be out of a job.

He’s a threat to those who have been demonizing white-working class Americans, those who dread having an honest conversation about Islam and the liberals who fear the day they have to argue with facts on topics like immigration and feminism.

This is what the anti-Trump bandwagon fail to understand. He’s a tool to smash apart political correctness and a reaction to decades of language-policing by the left. Neither Milo nor I endorse him based on policy, it’s the dialogue he can open up which we find so exciting.

We can finally talk about the link between Islam and the behavior of Jihadists and then devise an effective counter-extremist strategy without cries of Islamophobia. We can put an halt on immigration for it’s devastating effect on the job market and American culture without being called racists. We can create an environment where it’s not professionally dangerous to speak out against the toxic ideology of third-wave feminism.

It’s obvious Trump isn’t the perfect candidate and whether you think the trade-off is worth it is up to you. In the mean time, don’t demonize us Trump supporters as being unintelligent, ill-informed or bigoted. We care deeply about the values which uphold civilization and see Trump as the best way to ensure they aren’t curtailed by what’s becoming an increasingly authoritarian feelings-based culture that shies away from asserting the superiority of Western values.

Harith is the Editor at The Virtue Signal and a student at Kings College London.