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Not a Sanctuary From Lies

Colleges have become notorious for being the “thought police” when it comes to different (usually conservative) opinions on their campuses. Safe spaces, post-election accommodations like getting to pet puppies and play with Play-Doh, and even organized walkouts and protests are just some examples of how schools are enabling this behavior. Additionally, many students (a majority of which most likely participated in those previously mentioned activities) on these campuses have called for their university to become a “sanctuary campus.” What students mean when they say they want a “sanctuary campus” is that they want their institution to operate similarly to that of a “sanctuary city.” This means that students do not want to allow the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) onto campus without a warrant or allow the school to share immigration status information with them, along with not allowing police to enforce immigration law. On top of this, there are even demands for providing special financial aid to students with DACA status. Washington State University in Pullman has been no… Keep Reading

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