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America, Declare Your Independence From The Fed!

Once upon a time in America our grandfathers were able to work at decent jobs where they actually produced goods that the world needed and were able to provide a comfortable life for their large families.  Grandma didn’t have to work  and most families owned their own homes and lived relatively debt free. Welcome to America today where a typical family has both parents working, with  one or possibly two children,  and struggle to pay the rent on their apartment. But the banks in their “concern” for the woes of the average Joe have come up with a solution. It is called the credit card where we can become debt slaves to the banks to the tune of double-digit interest rates. What has happened to weaken the once thriving American economy we inherited from our forefathers? It’s called the Federal Reserve and its offspring inflation. This invisible tax slowly eats away at the value of the dollar and distorts the economy by creating booms and busts. We can thank the Federal Reserve for… Keep Reading

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